Is Sprite Green with Truvia Safe?

Truvia is a Form of Stevia

Sprite Green
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Sprite Green is one of the Coca-Cola Company's entries into the world of natural, low-calorie sweetened sodas. Sprite Green was announced in 2008, and was first introduced in New York and Chicago. It was created to appeal to active young adults. Sprite Green has 50 calories per every 8.5 ounces of fluid, and contains Truvia. Truvia is a form of stevia, a plant that has these incredibly sweet leaves and has been used for centuries to sweeten teas in South America.

Diet sodas appeal to many individuals looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle, as they offer a lower calorie option. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, are among the highest-selling sodas annually. However, the question of the overall safety, as it relates to health, of such sodas is a prevalent one. Some controversy has surrounded stevia as a sweetener, and the potential negative effects that it has on the human body.

Question: Is Sprite Green with Truvia Safe?

Answer: Sprite Green is one of the Coca-Cola Company's entries into sodas with natural low-calorie sweeteners. The specific sweetener used in Sprite Green is called Truvia. Truvia itself is a form of stevia. Stevia is a plant that has incredibly sweet leaves, and thus it has been used for centuries to sweeten teas in South America.

There is some controversy around the use of stevia as a sweetener though. In the 1980s, various studies showed that once inside the body stevia broke down to produce a potentially cancer causing substance.

Because of this research, the FDA banned the use of sweeteners containing stevia as food additives. The FDA did however permit their continued usage as supplements.

However, in certain situations the use of stevia is not banned. The FDA has issued a letter of "no objection" in regards to a specific form of stevia sweeteners, like the ones utilized in soda.

Essentially, these sweeteners are highly refined and use only a portion of the stevia plant. Because of this, the component that was produced that was potentially cancer causing is no longer produced. In other words, the FDA believes that this specific form of stevia sweeteners is safe.

As for Sprite Green, it seems to be as safe as any diet drink, at least according to the FDA.

A reasonable argument could be made stevia is actually safer than some of the other artificial sweeteners available out there, if for no other reason than that people of many different regions of the world have been using stevia as a sweetener for hundreds of years. Coke also deserves credit on the packaging of Sprite Green. The colors and design look really nice.

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