Is There a "Cure" for Bipolar Disorder?

cure for bipolar
Musketeer / Digital Vision / Getty Images

Every now and then I get an email from someone asking this question. Now that it's apparent that bipolar disorder is a physical illness that affects mind and mood, perhaps more people will start asking if there's a cure. Unfortunately, the answer is no - there's no cure for bipolar disorder at present.

Part of the reason lies in the complex set of factors that cause bipolar disorder. We know that heredity plays an important role - but what about people who have manic depression and don't have any family history of the illness?

This aspect hasn't been studied much. Are there recessive genes involved? We don't know. Gene therapy may one day offer hope for better treatment, but that's a long way off.

But while there isn't a cure, there is remission. With the right treatment, many people go for years - even decades - being symptom-free. Some say they did it themselves by changing their lives, adding meditation or prayer, or using sheer willpower. Others point to nutritional remedies such as TrueHope, which some find useless and others swear by. And for many, the solution is medications, which studies are showing work best when combined with talk therapy of some kind.​

Remission is stability - and that's what most of us are hoping for: a stable, productive and harmonious life.

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