It's a Boy! Ultrasound in Pregnancy

23 Week Ultrasound

This is an ultrasound from the 23rd week of pregnancy. The penis is clearly defined and visible between the legs.

More Boy Ultrasound Photos

19 Week Ultrasound

This 19-week ultrasound shows the penis between this baby boy's legs.

28 Weeks 3D Ultrasound

This baby boy is 28 weeks along into pregnancy. The 3D ultrasound clearly shows the penis and scrotum.

28 Week Ultrasound

This 28-week ultrasound shows a penis.​

18 Week Ultrasound

As you can see, with earlier ultrasound it is harder to tell the sex of the baby but you can just make out the penis in this ultrasound.

23 Week Ultrasound

At 23 weeks into gestation you have a baby boy via ultrasound.

34 Week Ultrasound

At 34 weeks, this erect penis is very visible in the ultrasound.

14 Week Ultrasound

This is an ultrasound from week 14, barely out of the first trimester. It's actually really too early to tell if this is a clitoris or a penis, but the ultrasound tech is making a guess of boy. (It turned out to be correct.)

37 Week Ultrasound

While more well defined, you can also see that at 37 weeks of pregnancy the penis is harder to see.

33 Week Ultrasound

33-week ultrasound of a baby boy.​

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