It's A Powder, Allergen-Free and Yummy...It's alternaVites Kids!

For kids with food allergies, it is often difficult to ensure they are following a nutritionally sound diet. Add to that it can be hard to find appropriate vitamins to supplement their potential deficiencies. But now there is a solution: alternaVites Kids, a melt in your mouth vitamin powder, that can support your child’s nutritional needs. Not only is it devoid of most of the allergens, its powder like formula makes it easy for any child to swallow.

Don’t just think it's for those with allergies, all kids will finally be excited to take their vitamins!

Talking with the founder Hallie Rich she was able to share the story behind alternaVites Kids:

Q: How did you get into the vitamin industry?

Hallie: I am the third generation in my family to be in the vitamin industry. This line of work is definitely in my genes and even after the untimely passing of my father, I knew I still wanted to be involved in an industry whose main goals are to help people support their overall health & well-being. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Q: How did you come up with the concept behind alternaVites Kids?

Hallie: Even despite my family history in the industry, I was never able to swallow pills and still can't.I also started thinking that there are so many people like myself who want to take vitamins but due to form, function, ingredients or allergies are often unable to find a solution.

A few years ago, I had a light bulb moment where I decided that if I combined by frustrations as a consumer (of not being able to find an easy to take and "clean" supplement) with my knowledge of the field, I could be the one to finally come up with a solution.

My other goal was to make sure it was something that was easy to take.

That is why alternaVites Kids can be taken by pouring it on your tongue where it melts in your mouth (think Pixie Stick) or you can mix it into foods or drinks. By making it extremely versatile, (we like to say you can take in any way any day), this helps to make it seem less like a chore and people will have fewer obstacles in taking it on a daily basis. There's no need for water or for preparation. It's also become a favorite of pediatric dentists across the country since it doesn't have the sticky texture or the sugary make-up of many gummy vitamins now on the market.

Q: I see that your product does not contain many objectionable ingredients and therefore it has great appeal to those with allergies. Why was this so important to you?

Hallie: No one should be excluded from taking vitamins just because of their allergies. Many people who suffer from such allergies have an even greater need for supplements since their diet may exclude some foods with certain vitamins and minerals. I always wanted to give people a reason to take our vitamins - I need want them to have an excuse not to. That's why our formula are free of the major food allergens, including gluten, egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish.

Q: Tell me about your reason why making it non-GMO is important?

Hallie: When we first developed the product, there actually were a couple of GMO ingredients in the formula. However, after reading up on the latest news and research, I was compelled to make changes. Since we didn't have to sacrifice nutrient level, taste or the versatility of our product, it was a no brainer for me. I have always promised our customers that we would manufacture top of the line products and I believe making sure there are no GMO ingredients in our products delivers on that commitment.

Q: For kids with allergies it is often hard to get all of their nutrients. How does your product help to resolve this issue?

Hallie: alternaVites Kids multivitamins has a comprehensive formula of both vitamins and minerals at optimal levels.

Compared with many other formulas on the market, parents can ensure they are giving their children a product with a lot of nutritional support without a lot of the unnecessary and objectionable ingredients. Additionally, we also offer Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Calcium formulas as well. For those who tend to stay away from foods with these nutrients, like dairy, for example, these can be a great way to supplement their child's diet in a way their son or daughter is sure to love.

Taking vitamins shouldn't be a hassle - and kids with food allergies already have to be careful. We wanted to ensure that by taking alternaVites, they will love the taste and enjoy the experience each day.

Q: What other products do you make? Only for kids? Adults?

Hallie: Currently, we offer alternatives Kids in 5 formulas. However, many adults take these formulas as well. They love the flavors, don't have to hassle with taking a pill (or yet another pill), and the formula are well-suited for people of any age.

Bottom Line

So rather than spending endless hours teaching them to swallow a pill, mulling over the many ingredients you can not even pronounce, or searching the label for allergens, alternaVites Kids may be just what your kids need! For the first time ever, you won't have to beg your kids to take vitamins, they will be begging you!

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