Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds - Review

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds
Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Heart rate monitors are debuting in many new forms thanks to new wearable technology. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds sense your heart rate in your ear without using a chest strap or wristband sensor. Teamed with a phone app, you can listen to your tunes, answer calls and track your heart rate through your workouts.

One earpiece has the pulse sensor and it is critical to get a good fit inside the ear.

The kit comes with four sizes of ear gels and four different earwings to fit in the ridge of your ear. They provide an online video to help you get it fit correctly. The earpiece is bulkier than many and that can lead to a lot of experimentation to get a good fit that won't dislodge easily.

The earbuds connect to both Bluetooth and NFC devices. I used it with an iPhone 4s and had no difficulty in getting the signal. They recharge via a USB cable.

I liked the ease of set-up and use. The cord connecting the two earbuds has the audio controller and microphone with a multifunction button. The heart rate monitor earbud has a sports button to use to start and stop a workout and to get on-the-go readouts.

You can use the heart rate sensor with other sports apps and the Apple Health App in addition to the Jabra Sports app. The app is well-designed to allow you to customize your on-the-go updates. You can choose what stats are read out to you when you press the read-out button, or when they should be announced automatically.

These are based on both time and distance. You can hear your distance, elapsed time, current heart rate, average heart rate, current pace, average pace, split pace, current speed, average speed, split speed, heart rate zone, countdown, sensor status, and more.

The app comes with built-in Rockport Fitness Test, orthostatic heart rate test, and resting heart rate test.

Workouts can be tracked as walking, running, or cycling. You can track a workout simply, (Just Track Me), set a target of distance, time or calories, select a target pace, set a heart rate zone target, and set up interval workouts. The app views during your workout can also be customized for stats and/or map. Your workout history is available with maps and stats, and you get trophies for your achievements. You can share your workouts on Facebook or Twitter.

Pluses of the Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Earbuds

  • Excellent sound quality
  • You can control almost all functions from the multifunction button and sports button, so you can keep your mobile phone safe and secure.
  • Excellent choices in what kinds of workouts to track.
  • Very good display of stats and routes in your history on the app.
  • Great customization of automatic audio updates of your workout stats.
  • No chest strap.
  • Convenient zippered carrying case for the buds, eargels, and earwings.


  • Battery life of 4.5 hours of music/talk time may not be enough for walkers on a half marathon or marathon.
  • Earbud fit is critical for heart rate accuracy.

Personal Experience

Unfortunately, I had difficulty in getting the earbuds set up for an accurate heart rate.

While I normally select the smallest earbud, I went up to the top size before I got a good, stable fit. I knew the fit was not right as I kept getting "heart rate not detected" readings. But even once the fit was stable, the heart rate reading was 20-30 bpm higher than on the chest strap heart monitor I wore at the same time. Given this result, these just don't work for me.

Bottom Line on the Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds and app are well-designed to take the place of a high-end heart rate monitor. They have everything I would want in a heart rate monitor. However, after spending four workouts trying to achieve a good fit for accuracy, I was not successful.

Be sure to buy this product from a vendor with a good return policy if that is the same for you.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.