Jennifer Kries' Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD Review

Deepen Your Practice with Kries' DVD Set

Jennifer Kries
Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series. Amazon

Jennifer Kries is truly a master Pilates instructor. Anyone who watches her Master Trainer Series Collection will come away with an expanded understanding of the instruction and performance of classical Pilates exercises for the mat and Pilates equipment. Kries shows viewers how to teach Pilates exercises with good verbal and tactile cues, and offers valuable insight about how the exercises build on and relate to each other across different skill levels and apparatuses.

About the Master Trainer Series Collection


  • 5 DVD series includes instruction for teaching Pilates mat, reformer, chair, barrel and cadillac
  • Each DVD covers follows the classical Pilates syllabus and includes beginning, intermediate and advanced exercises
  • DVD lengths vary from 45 minutes to 3 hours of content.
  • DVDs are available individually or as a set


  • In-depth instruction for teaching Pilates mat and apparatus exercises
  • Appropriate for serious students and instructors
  • Kries gives clear verbal and visual instruction
  • DVDs include exercise choreography, teaching cues and safety tips
  • Model Kim Reis demonstrates all exercises with exceptional clarity


  • Pace and setting are so consistent that watching can become tedious
  • At times Kries refers to events the viewer was not part of, which is disconcerting

Jennifer Kries' Pilates Master Trainer Series Review

Kries' Pilates training DVD series is not intended to take the place of Pilates certification training.

It is, however, an impressive and valuable resource for instructors and serious Pilates students. Some people question the price of these DVDs - $399 for the set; currently on sale for $99 - but when you consider the depth and breadth of information it includes, and the sheer amount of it, I think it's definitely worth considering.

All five DVDs follow the classical syllabus for mat and apparatus Pilates. Exercises are beautifully taught and demonstrated. Along with that, Kries imparts a mature instructor's insights on effective cues, client instructor interaction and things to look for in a client's performance of each exercise. Kries also makes sure you know what you are doing with each piece of equipment: how to set it up and how to manipulate it safely for your client.

These DVDs are far too information-rich to be treated as a crash course in Pilates. In my own experience, I would watch a DVD, then think about it and practice before I moved on to the next one. At times I wished for even more cues and details: what to do and not do, what a client may or may not present, etc. But there is a lot of that in this training and, after all, how much can you pack into one DVD? Kries' instruction is so wonderful she leaves me wanting more.

Kries' teaching style is also notable. She teaches on a practical level without extra flourishes in a way that is direct yet sensitive to the client.

That's a quality to learn from. It also works very well over the course a series as in-depth as this one. The clarity of Kries' teaching and the precise structure of the DVDs will allow this series to be an enduring reference for Pilates instructors, instructor trainees and students wishing to deepen their knowledge.

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