Joining the Spinning® Nation

It's an inspiring way to get your sweat on and ride for a great cause.


Given that indoor cycling is such a great cardiovascular workout and so incredibly beneficial for heart health, it makes sense that Spinning®, the program that made this high-energy workout a household name, would team up with the American Heart Association (AHA) in some fashion. It's about to happen: On Saturday, February 28, 2015, Spinning® will hold its second consecutive Spinning Nation® event to raise money for the AHA’s Go Red For Women campaign.

More than 100 gyms and cycling studios around the country are expected to take part in the four-hour event, which has riders collect donations from friends and family members to sponsor their participation. Each rider must collect $100 for each hour he or she rides (all donations go to the Go Red For Women campaign). The goal is twofold: to raise awareness of the risk of heart disease among women—it’s the leading cause of death among women in the U.S., killing more women than all forms of cancer combined!—and to raise money (at least $250,000 this year) for the Go Red campaign.

While the style and set-up of the events vary somewhat from one facility to another, the spirit tends to be similar—often resembling a festive party (albeit, on wheels). This year, there will be a flagship event in Maui, HI, at the lovely Maui Tropical Plantation and another one at the Spinning® Headquarters in Venice, CA.

Each event has two to four instructors who take turns leading the four-hour affair. Some of the instructors incorporate heart-themed songs into their rides to inspire riders and draw attention to the cause, while other events incorporate live music. Either way, all riders need to do is show up dressed and ready to ride.

(It’s a good idea to bring your own water bottle so you can stay well hydrated throughout the event.)

"Spinning Nation® serves as a reminder of what a healthy heart can accomplish in endurance, compassion, and philanthropy,” says Emily Simarski, social media and community coordinator of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., which owns and licenses the Spinning® brand. It’s an empowering experience for novice and seasoned riders alike.

Besides being a great time, the event is inspiring—and it’s for a great cause. After all, one in three women dies of heart disease and stroke each year in the U.S., according to the American Heart Association—that’s roughly a woman every minute! Yet, many women are unaware of these risks—and the fact that the warning signs of a heart attack are often different for women than they are for men.

The Go Red movement aims to change all that by increasing awareness of these realities and advocating for more research and interventions for women’s heart health. Now, that’s a cause you can really put your heart into—in spirit and through indoor cycling. You’ll undoubtedly emerge from the experience, feeling strong, invigorated, and proud of what you’ve accomplished—an additional perk for your state of mind.

So join the fun by finding a participating facility near you and sign up!

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