6 Easy Steps to Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

Set Yourself Up for Success

Contents of a fridge
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Two words: Clean house. No, I'm not saying you should break out the vacuum and feather duster! But it's a good idea to clear out your pantry, fridge, and freezer and get rid of "bad choice" foods (ice cream, candy, chips, etc.) and anything that triggers you to keep eating and eating. Then fill your kitchen with fresh produce, lean protein, and healthy snacks. Don't forget about smart craving-busters to help you avoid temptation.

Make a Plan

Simply eating healthier won't necessarily kick off your weight loss in a big way. A specific program or plan of eating is essential if you want to make serious strides toward your goal. And portion control is a necessary part towards continued success and weight maintenance.

Eat at Home More Often

Eat At Home More Often
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Dining out isn’t completely off-limits. But preparing your own meals as often as possible can really jump-start your weight loss. When it comes to restaurant food, you never really know how many calories you're consuming. Eating out less often can make a huge difference when you’re trying to cut down on excess calories.

Track Your Food

Writing down everything you eat - the food and its calorie count - can really amp up your weight loss. You'll become more aware of those extra little bites you have throughout the day, plus any condiments, drinks, etc. that you might not be counting if you're just tallying up the calories in your head. In addition to that, you'll be less likely to go back for seconds or scarf down something super fattening if you have to write down the extra calories.


Jump-Start Your Weight Loss: Move!
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Losing weight is about calories in vs. calories out - you have to burn more calories than you consume. If you want to step up your weight loss game, you’ll benefit by getting some extra movement into your day. No matter what your fitness level is now, you can burn more calories by increasing your daily activity. If you currently don’t work out, try going for a fast-paced walk on your lunch break or head out dancing with pals instead of sitting in a movie theater. If you’re a seasoned gym rat, change up your routine by adding a weights circuit to your cardio routine or vice versa.

Abandon Perfectionism

If you slip up and eat something fattening or you overeat at a party, don't beat yourself up - what's the point? If you have an all-or-nothing attitude, you might let one questionable food choice derail your entire day, week, or even month. The best advice I can give is to get right back on track at the very next meal or snack.

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