Add Jumping or Hopping Intervals on the Treadmill

Treadmill Walking and Running
Treadmill Walking and Running. Spencer Platt / Getty Images News

Add jumping intervals when on the treadmill to change your treadmill workout.

Using one-minute intervals of jumping during your regular treadmill workout can reap benefits. They will increase your heart rate and challenge new muscles.

Start Slow: Start out as slow as you think you need to in order to keep your hands off the machine. Remember, it’s better to start out super slow without grasping the machine than to go faster and cling on.

Posture: Keep as erect as possible, and make sure your feet take off and land at precisely the same time, for stability.

Jumping: Hop at a very slow speed for 15 seconds to get a feel for it. If you have natural jumping ability and agility, you’ll be tempted to jump faster and for a longer duration. Beware of this if you’re new to treadmill jumping, because too much too soon can irritate the skin on the soles of your feet.

Arms: Keep your arms at your sides but bent so that your hands do not end up hitting the machine as you jump. You’ll find that your arms will want to swing forward and back somewhat as a natural, rhythmic response to the hopping. As you go faster, you’ll realize that you’ll need to come up with some kind of predictable pattern for your swinging arms.

15 Seconds: Always start out with 15 seconds at a time as you increase speed. Jumping can actually be done at speeds typically reserved for jogging and running.

Holding On: If you must hold on after you’re done jumping to transition back to a jog or walk, that is fine. But once you are re-stabilized, let go.

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