June Family Fitness Events

Summer arrives for half the globe--a good reason to celebrate June.

The arrival of summer (at least for those of us north of the Equator) brings celebrations of dads, the outdoors, and girls' sports.

Great Outdoors Month

Boy riding mountain bike on hill
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All month long, look for special events, promotions, discounts, and volunteer opportunities, all dedicated to preserving, protecting, and enjoying nature and the outdoors.


National Running Day

National Running Day
National Running Day

Love running or want to start? Today is the day! Running clubs organize group runs and other events, plus you can donate to worthy, running-related causes by participating.


National Trails Day

Kids hiking on a forest trail
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On National Trails Day, trail clubs, businesses, public parks and other government agencies host events such as clean-up efforts, guided hikes, health fairs, and more. If you can't find an event near you, you can still enjoy your own hike or bike ride.


Get Outdoors Day

Father and son in kayak
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Also known as GO-Day, this event helps bring new visitors to public lands and new participants to outdoor activities.


Father's Day

Dad and boy doing push-ups by Michele Westmorland, Getty Images
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This June, have a fun and fit Father's day with your dad, your kids' dad, or another special dad in your life.

First Day of Summer (Summer Solstice)

Kids play musical chairs outside at a birthday party
Kids play musical chairs outside at a birthday party. Digital Vision - Getty Images

Around the world, festivals, parades, and celebrations mark the arrival of the first day of summer. Here in the U.S., many National Parks offer free admission on June 21.


Olympic Day

Olympic swimming pool
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On June 23, Olympic organizing committees around the world observe Olympic Day with runs, speeches, and special events starring inspiring athletes.

Anniversary of Title IX

Girl doing sit-ups in gym class
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Although Title IX was not written specifically to address inequality in sports (it covers any educational or school-sponsored activity), it led to a 600% increase in girls participating in sports.


Great American Backyard Campout

Kids setting up tent for camping
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Join an established Great American Backyard Campout site in your area, create one yourself, or simply pitch a tent in your own backyard. Raising funds for the National Wildlife Federation is encouraged, but not required.

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