Don't Sit - Score 10000 Steps During the Big Game

Don't Sit Through Watching the Big Game
Don't Sit Through Watching the Big Game. JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

Watching a football game on TV is three to four hours of sitting. Research shows that sitting for long periods raises your health risks dramatically. Even worse, we tend to be sitting and eating and drinking high-calorie game day food and drinks.

How can you have fun breaking up that sitting time, even logging 10,000 steps on your pedometer or fitness band? Make new game day rituals to get up and move.

Commercial Break Boogie
A televised football game has a full hour of commercial breaks - which is plenty of time to rack up 10,000 steps walking at a brisk pace.

The average commercial break is 1-2 minutes, and at a slow saunter you walk 65 steps per minute, which will total 4000 steps during the game. A brisk walk will bump it up to 150 steps per minute or more and you'll get the full 10,000 steps. More: Steps Per Minute by Pace and Activity

If you're afraid of losing your seat to sneaky friends or the dog, get up and march in place, or practice your touchdown celebration dance. Realistically, you'll probably forget to get up for each commercial break and so you need more active breaks.

Touchdown Dance
Sure, we all leap up and cheer when our team wins, but you can log a lot more steps if you develop a vigorous touchdown celebration dance. Practice variations to get in the most steps for a full minute.

Keep dancing through the extra point play extend it into the commercial break.

Don't stop with a dance just for your team, develop a war dance for when the other team scores, to put some voodoo on that happening again. Aim for lots of fast arm and leg motion to zap the other team.

Replay Challenge Rumba
When the coach challenges a play for replay review, don't sit for it.

Get up while the experts rehash it all and maybe reenact a few of the moves yourself. Develop a mojo dance to send the decision in the right way for your team.

Timeout Tango
If they don't go to a commercial for a timeout, you know you'll just be watching a minute of sideline grimaces from the coaches and crowd shots of fans with painted beer bellies. Get up and circle the room rather than listen to the announcers speculate on tactics.

Halftime Workout
Officially, halftime is 12 minutes long for the NFL and 20 minutes for college games. With commercial breaks it is usually longer. That's plenty of time to get in a dedicated walking workout of 2000 steps or more. If you can take a brisk 20-minute walk you won't miss any action and you'll greatly reduce your health risks. It's also enough to burn off one beer. If you're afraid of missing the next wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show - that's what DVRs are for, or you're sure to catch it via YouTube or social media videos.

Big Game = Big Calories
If you're watching your weight, it's best to eliminate calories by just not eating them.

But realistically, we enjoy game day food. Here's how far you'll need to walk to burn off these common snacks and drinks.

  • Beer 1 bottle: 110 calories = 1.3 miles = 2600 steps = 23 football fields.
  • Potato Chips 1 oz.: 150 calories per serving = 1.8 miles = 3600 steps = 31 football fields.
  • Popcorn (microwave butter flavor): 30 calories per cup = 0.4 miles = 800 steps = 6 football fields
  • Hot Dog with Bun and condiments: 300 calories per serving = 3.5 miles = 7000 steps = 62 football fields.
  • Chili: 269 calories per serving = 3.2 mile = 6400 steps = 56 football fields.
  • Nachos: 336 calories per serving = 4.0 miles = 8000 steps = 70 football fields.
  • Chicken Wings - 3 oz. serving (3 segments): 190 calories = 2.2 miles = 4400 steps = 39 football fields.

Pre-Game and Post-Game
Getting up during the game is important for breaking up sitting time and burning a few calories. Beyond that, boost your metabolism with pre-game and post-game walks. This will also burn off some of those chicken wings and bottles of beer. The recommended minimum is 30 minutes per day of brisk walking.
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