Everything You Need to Keep Your Fitness Motivation Going All Day Long

The Tools You Need to Stay Inspired for Fitness

It's tough to stay motivated to exercise, especially after the shine of a new year's resolution has faded, or a big event (a wedding or reunion, perhaps?) has come and gone. The thing is, a lifelong commitment to exercise isn't supposed to feel like a death march - it's supposed to enhance your life, giving you the opportunity to do, feel and be at your best, all within the context of a healthier body. 

But I get it - as with most daily habits, it's not unusual for the day-to-day mechanics of a fitness routine to become tiresome. Trying new workouts or taking a fitness vacation can help, but the reality is that a routine, by definition, is routine. 

When you're stuck in a rut and feeling uninspired to keep your gym dates, revitalizing your motivation could be as simple as following a new account on social media or downloading a new workout playlist. Finding small ways to stay focused on exercise, even when your energy is low, will help you to embrace physical activity as part of your lifestyle, rather than a tiresome obligation. Check out a few of the simplest ways to keep your fitness motivation high every single day. 

32 Facebook Groups for Fitness

Facebook Fitness
Getty Images/GI/Jamie Grill Pre

There are more than a billion people worldwide who turn to Facebook groups to connect with others who share their interests. If you're looking for fellow fitness enthusiasts - runners, cyclists, triathletes, gym buffs, barre babes or kickboxing fans, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a group for it on Facebook. Even Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, started A Year of Running group to challenge others to conquer 365 miles of running in 2016. 

Check out 32 more fitness groups on Facebook. 

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12 Great Fitness Podcasts

Jillian Michaels
Getty Images/John Lamparski/Contributor

Expand your knowledge, enjoy a few laughs and get coached through your next yoga routine, all with the help of podcasts. After downloading these 12 suggestions, you can tune in on your daily commute, listen while you work or save your favorites to help get you through your next workout. 

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10 Inspirational TED Talks

Listen to TED Talks
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These short, inspirational TED Talks last no longer than 15 minutes, and while they include audio and video, you'll get just as much out of them with audio-only as you would watching them. While they don't all relate directly to exercise, they provide lessons and information applicable to living a healthy, inspired life. 

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Pumpin' Spotify Workout Playlists for Every Type of Exercise

Club-style dance class through Nightclub Cardio. Nightclub Cardio

Whether you're a swimmer, Pilates fan or a power walker, Spotify has a playlist for that. I've rounded up some of the best playlists for every type of workout and compiled them into a single list. You're welcome. 

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Fun Fitness Subscription Boxes

Cairn Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are a fun way to reward yourself for sticking with a regular fitness routine. These monthly or quarterly box subscriptions deliver new, cutting edge products related to your favorite fitness activity directly to your door. Most subscriptions don't advertise what products you'll receive in each box, so there's an element of surprise that helps keep deliveries fun. Plus, there are boxes for practically every niche you could imagine, from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to workout apparel. 

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10 Instagram Accounts for Workout Routines and Inspiration

Best Fitness Instagram Accounts
Laura Williams

You don't need to bog down your whole Instagram with workout accounts, but it doesn't hurt to follow a few standout fitness buffs. With clear images and brief videos, you can learn new exercises, discover fresh motivation and connect directly with top experts. Just don't expect a lot of ab shots or belfies from this list of suggested accounts - I vetted them to ensure they'd deliver high-quality information, not just soft core porn. 

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