You Can get it if you really want

Man riding a loaded bicycle in Shanghai. Steve Cotter/IKFF

“You can get it if you really want” Jimmy Cliff sings in a 1969 song with the same title.

He goes on to say, “but you must try, try and try, try and try… you’ll succeed at last."

It’s really a powerful song because, well, it’s true!

You CAN get it if you really want. But you must try, and keeping trying. If you stick to it, you Will succeed.

This is one of the most powerful things about kettlebell training or any other comprehensive fitness training.

The results are based on real effort, not a gimmick. You must work for it and your rewards come from the effort.

Not what you wanted to hear? Not what you’re looking for? In that case, kettlebell training is probably not the solution for you.

If you are afraid of some Hard Work you need not apply.

It might seem easier to find that Magic Pill, or look for the latest procedure that promises to shave off fat or otherwise lets you achieve all the results, with none of the work.

If I can provide no other service, I am here to tell you dear reader, run, don't walk the other way whenever you come across some fitness fad that promises you the fast-track to the New You.

If you want it, you’re going to have to work for it.

But how do you get this work done?

Here are some tips when setting off to achieve your fitness (or any other) goal.

Be clear and specific 

Want to lose 10 lbs or 20 or 30? Want to put on some muscle?

Set a target in your Mind’s Eye about what you are willing to work towards and what it will look and feel like when you get there. The more clear and specific you are about your goals, the stronger the current that pulls you towards it.


Rome was not built in a day, the saying (and the song) goes.

There has to be planning and commitment. It’s not about killing yourself, or setting up some insurmountable hurdle. It’s about making a deal, a promise to yourself, that you are going to give up some comforts now, in order to reap the rewards later. It might mean having a few less drinks on the weekend, or watching an hour less of TV, or skipping dessert. Or even passing on a night out with friends, when you know you only have one chance to get that workout in. If it’s important to you, you’ll make time for it. 


Keep a journal. Write down what you do in your kettlebell training sessions. Did you warm up? How many reps did you do, what weights did you use, how much rest did you take between exercises? Did you stretch at the end? By writing down your workouts, as well as you goals, it makes a record of your work towards your goal and helps keep you accountable and progressing towards it.

Forgive yourself, but don’t excuse yourself

Hey, buddy, we are all ONLY human. We make mistakes, we can get lazy and sometimes we just don’t get everything done.

If you miss a planned workout, forgive yourself. But DON’T excuse yourself. You still have to do it! Recognize your mistake, forgive it and then make up for it by getting it the next day. 

Thank yourself

Give yourself a High 5 every time you complete your kettlebell workout. You worked hard for it, you did your best, you did the work. Give thanks for the opportunity to move your body and to make yourself a little bit better today, than you were yesterday.

There are no free rides toward your fitness goals. With a firm goal in mind, a commitment to reach it and the willingness to put in some work, you can get it if you really want. 

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