Kettlebell Training Lession 1: Be Present

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Attitude is Altitude, is has been said. No truer words have been spoken. The first step in achieving success in anything is to have a winning attitude, a clear picture of what you want to achieve and the belief in yourself that you can and will win out. 

Success with fitness also starts with the correct state of mind. Kettlebell training is one of the fastest and most effective exercise methods for toning and strengthening your body, and the reason is because it can become progressively more intense as you progress in fitness, without being dangerous.

But you have to concentrate and be fully engaged in what you are doing at all times. You have to be Present. 

Think about what you want to achieve with your kettlebell program and know that rep-by-rep, day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year you will continue to improve and progress. How that progress is measured may be different for each person. For some, progress is measured by losing pounds of unwanted body fat. For others it may be measured by improved performance in other physical pursuits such as running, swimming tennis or other recreational activities. Or it may mean looking and feeling better with more energy and enthusiasm for daily affairs that used to leave you gasping for breathe. Better health, improved fitness, more energy, and better sleep are all examples of worthy goals. However, like anything that is important to you, it is impossible to succeed unless your mind is functioning in cooperation with your body.

Thought and action work together hand-in-hand.

Before you pick up your kettlebell and perform various exercise techniques, decide to give your best effort by being present of mind and body. Not playing with your smart phone or tablet, not jibber-jabbing your time away talking about current events. Just you and the kettlebell in your training spot and nothing else.


Before you start your kettlebell training or any other exercise, try this simple but effective mental preparation exercise to get your mind and body ready for action: 

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms relaxed by your side

2. Close your eyes and count backwards from 10 down to 1; completely relax and take slow, deep breaths from your abdomen; on inhale draw in inspiration and motivation; on exhale release all tension

3. Maintaining your relaxed state, see yourself in your mind’s eye executing the perfect workout, with perfect form and strong focus. Feel how good it feels to take control of your own body, by regulating your breathing and giving your best effort 

4. Open your eyes and start into your warm-up, then workout, maintaining your focus and being present throughout your training 

Being present is the starting point for any undertaking and achieving better fitness has the same requirement. There are no short cuts, it comes down to consistent effort and gradual progress.

Remember that the Mind commands and the body obeys, not the other way around. Get your head right and your body can't help but follow along! 

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