Kettlebells Here, There, and Everywhere


How do you know if kettlebells are right for you?

If your goals align with any of the below areas of interest, you’re a strong candidate for kettlebell training

Fat Loss

Considering calories burned per minute, kettlebells have proven to be on par with running in offering a highly-effective and efficient caloric burn, with the added element of muscle-building properties that running lacks.

Endurance Athletes

Are you a fan of endurance training and endurance sports?

Try Snatching a kettlebell for 10 minutes without stopping. Consider Kettlebell Sport for a complete mind-body challenge.

Professional Athletes 

Do you play on your feet? Need core strength? Tire too quickly in games? Always getting hurt? Muscles imbalances? Try kettlebells and train the way an athlete must perform - with strength, power, endurance and mobility.

Personal Trainers

Do you work in a gym or make your living teaching exercise? If you don’t yet know how to safely and effectively teach and coach kettlebells, it’s time to get back to school and find a qualified coach to help you master the basics. Kettlebell training is a fitness trend that is here to stay.

Group Exercise Classes

Like high-intensity group exercise? One kettlebell for each participant provides a heart-pounding full-body workout that will have your students coming back for more. Make all participants exhibit safe form on all kettlebell exercises before being allowed to join the group class.

Military Personal

The men and women of the Armed Forces need to be fit and tough, and their lives depend upon it.  Never-quit strength and all-day work capacity? Kettlebell training should be a component of any physical conditioning program for military personnel.

Law Enforcement Personnel, Firefighters, Paramedics

Workers who provide a public service risk their safety doing a physically demanding job.

Law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and other public service workers need well-developed core and grip strength to compliment full-body fitness and mental toughness. There is no more effective all-encompassing training tool than kettlebells.


Like athletes, dancers make their living through their physical performance capabilities. Maintaining healthy muscles and joints is paramount for these performers. Kettlebell training lends an extra gear of strength-endurance to balance out the flexibility work. A stronger dancer is a better dancer.

Community Fitness

Kettlebell training can shine as a community service. What better gift for our communities than  providing a movement system that simultaneously teaches about posture, breathing, functional movement, strength training and self-discipline? All children should have the opportunity to learn how to use simple and affordable tools like kettlebells, which can instill a lifetime of healthy habits. Creating access through community education programs is the way forward.

Busy Professionals

In the quest to create a better economic life for themselves and families, professionals often work long hours with high stress, little sleep, eating on the run and very little down time.

Who has time to go to the gym with that kind of work schedule? Grab a kettlebell by the handle, put it in the trunk of your car or under your work desk and take a 10-minute power break. A few sets of swings, presses and squats will leave you feeling pumped to take on the day and keep your body strong and healthy.

Average Citizen

Do you consider yourself a simple person with no special title or category? If so, you are a unique Individual and that is exciting. The good news is that kettlebell training is for almost everybody. If you can move about now, you can move about better with kettlebell training.

Kettlebells really are for almost everyone, no matter the profession or station in life. What are you waiting for?

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