KFC Meals for 500 Calories or Less

KFC Low calorie meals
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Most healthy eaters consider chicken to be a diet-friendly food. But the menu at Kentucky Fried Chicken can challenge even the most dedicated dieter. Many KFC menu items are loaded with fat and calories - including the chicken. Use this guide to eat a full meal for less than 500 calories.

Menu Mistakes to Avoid at KFC

One of the reasons that a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal is challenging for dieters is that many menu items are served family-style.

This can make portion control very difficult. In addition, many of the most popular foods at KFC are fried. So even though they provide a dose of healthy protein, it comes bundled with fat and calories.

To stick to your diet when you eat at KFC, follow these three rules to avoid common mistakes that can send your daily fat and calorie intake through the roof.

  • Order only single-serve items. Skip the family-style buckets and platters - even if you are eating with a group. That way you know you are consuming only the calories that are posted on the menu board. You may also want to avoid KFC's popular Go Cups if you are trying to slim down. You don't get enough food to justify the 500 (or more) calories you'll consume when you eat one.
  • Stick to grilled chicken. Yes, the crispy taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken is tempting. But the fat and calories just aren't worth it. A Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast provides 220 calories, 7 grams of fat and 40 grams of metabolism-boosting protein. But if you eat an Extra Crispy Chicken Breast, you'll consume 490 calories, 29 grams of fat and only 35 grams of protein.
  • Be selective about sides.  The KFC sides you choose can make or break your entire meal. So check the nutrition facts for your favorite dish before you order. The healthiest side dish is Green Beans with only 25 calories and zero grams of fat. Potato wedges are the worst with 290 calories and 15 grams of fat. You might also want to skip the BBQ Baked Beans. Even though beans sound healthy, this recipe will add 210 calories to your total intake.

    KFC Meals Under 500 Calories

    Choose one of these meals to keep your fat and calorie intake in control when you eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Traditional KFC Meal: 480 calories

    • Original Recipe® Chicken Breast: 320 calories
    • Corn on the Cob: 70 calories
    • Mashed Potatoes: 90 calories

    Grilled Chicken Meal: 425 calories

    • Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast: 220 calories
    • Green Beans: 25 calories
    • Biscuit: 180 calories

    Crispy Chicken Meal: 450 calories

    • Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad: 330 calories
    • Marzetti Light Italian Dressing: 15 calories
    • Cornbread Muffin (half muffin): 105 calories

    Lastly, remember to drink water instead of soda when you visit KFC or any fast food restaurant. It's a better choice for your body when you consume the high sodium levels that you find in many fried foods. And try to make your food choices before you go. That way you're not distracted by the pictures on the menu board and you'll be more likely to stick to your diet.


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