Kicker Snacks for Tween Parties

If you're going to throw a party for tweens, you'll need plenty of snack options

Fondue can be a healthy snack, and fun, too!.

Throwing a party for preteens can be a lot of fun and you'll want to make sure the kids have as much fun at the party, as you do preparing for it. Be sure you have plenty of tween friendly snacks on hand. Snacks should be easy to eat, and not too messy, so finger foods tend to work really well. Keep it simple and give the kids the flexibility of creating their own goodies, and you'll have every one crowding around the snack table.

To get your creative juices flowing, consider the snack ideas below.

Snack Ideas for Tween Parties

Sliders: Sliders are all the rage and they are super fun to eat. Prepare a tray of hamburger, chicken tender or even grilled veggie sliders for your preteens. Make sure you have plenty of condiments to top them off including cheese, ketchup, mayo, pickles, salsa, and anything else preteens might like. Chips or tortillas, a nice green salad,  and a fruit tea or punch will round out the meal nicely. Finish the meal with a make your own sundae bar.

Fondue: Fondue can be as much of an activity as a snack or meal. Chop and nicely arrange a variety of veggies and fruit for the fondue party. Make sure they are all bite sized, to avoid having to use any more utensils than necessary while eating. A cheese fondue will go nicely with chunks of bread, veggies and meat. A chocolate fondue will need a variety of fruits, such as apples, strawberries, grapes, vanilla wafers, and marshmallows.


Baked Potato Bar: A baked potato bar could be one of the easiest meals you've ever made for a large party of preteens. Just cover the potatoes in foil, and bake until done. Set aside a variety of toppings for the tweens to make their own snack. Toppings can include bacon, pepperoni, cheese, scallions, chili, sour cream, butter, gravy, and broccoli.

A green salad and a lemon aid makes this the perfect snack for hungry tweens. 

Go Simple with Appetizers: Finger food is best for parties and many appetizers are perfect for easy eating. Make it simple by visiting your grocery store or big box discount store to stock up on a variety of heat and serve appetizers such as mini quiches, mini tacos, stuffed mushrooms, bagel pizzas, and mini meatballs. Serve with a cheese dip and tortillas and punch or lemon aid. You can also offer a crudite platter and ranch dip, or chips and salsa or cheese queso. 

Make Your Own Trail Mix: This is a snack that's fun to make and that tweens can bring home with them as a party favor. Hand out gallon-sized storage bags and have tweens individualize their snack mix. Offer bowls of favorite snack mix items such as mini pretzels, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanuts, raisins or craisins, pumpkin seeds, Corn Chex, popcorn, dried banana or apples, cashews or chow mein noodles. Allow the tweens to make their snack sweet or salty.


Note: Be sure to allow your own tween to help you create the snack menu for the party. Your child will likely have suggestions and know about any potential food allergies or food preferences. Once you have your menu, you and your tween can shop for the ingredients together and then have fun preparing for party guests. 

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