Kids' Birthday Party Invitations

Cute, fun, and festive invitations to make for a kids' party

Sending out invitations for your child's next birthday celebration doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. And since you know you'll have to spend money on food, beverages, and possibly even entertainment, it's a good idea to save as much as possible on things you can make at home such as birthday party invitations, decorations, and even gift bags. Plus, when you make your own kids' birthday party invitations and decorations, you and your child can decide on the exact design you want and have fun making your own DIY cards and party accessories.

Here are some great ideas for fun, festive, and easy birthday party invitations you can make with kids.


kids' birthday party invitations make with punched paper flowers and washi tape
With a flower punch and some washi tape, you can make these pretty birthday party invitations in minutes. Katherine Lee

You won't believe how easy it is to make these beautiful cards in minutes. And all you need is some colored paper, a flower-shape paper punch, and washi tape. Simple and gorgeous--how great is that? And they also make terrific handmade birthday cards, thank you cards, get well cards, or a card for just about any occasion.



Card Craft
Donald Iain Smith/Moment/Getty Images

Making a personalized birthday invitation for a party is a fun project for kids. Grade-schoolers can work with you to come up with a design for the card, pick out colorful images, and cut out pictures. Creating birthday invitation cards lets kids express their artistic side and can save money to boot!



Denise Witmer

Here’s another batch of fun birthday party invitations to print. Choose from these designs or create your own. Making your own birthday party invitations is easy, fun, and last but not least, a great way to save money.



If saving time is more of an issue than saving a few dollars on birthday party invitations, check out Tiny Prints. They offer a large selection of birthday party themes (cars and trucks, princesses, superheroes, etc.), and you can customize the cards by choosing the color you want and adding photos. You can also order photo books, personalized notepads, and many other customized gifts with your own photos.



Another site that offers custom-made birthday party invitations for about the same price is Shutterfly. They have a wide array of choices for birthday party invitations for kids of all ages and styles, and you can order customized calendars, photo books, gifts, and more.


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