37 Food Allergy Storybooks for Kids

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Reading is a great way to learn about food allergies. Martin Baraud/OJO Images/Getty Images

When kids are diagnosed with a food allergy, a lot of time and attention goes into education, including signs of a reaction, foods to avoid and how to use emergency treatment. Sometimes, kids need an age-appropriate resource to help them understand what’s going on and how to stay safe.

Here are 37 storybooks about food allergies for kids (in alphabetical order and most available on Amazon.com):

1. Abby the Alley Cat: Staying Safe from Dairy! By Myronie McKee and Sam McKee (paperback, 20 pages, MyAllergyBooks) As the parents of a son with life threatening food allergies, we wanted to write a book that would help children to stay safe from dairy, feel confident in real-life situations, and build their self-esteem as special kids.


2. Allergic Like Me by Michelle Meyer-Devlin (paperback, 40 pages, AuthorHouse) When Annie first learns of her allergy she feels isolated. She is worried that she will be teased at school and will not be able to participate in any event with food. 

3. Allie the Allergic Elephant by Nicole Smith (Kindle, Allergic Child Publishing Group) Allie the Allergic Elephant helps children learn about food allergies and how to be a good friend when you can't share snacks. "Allie" explains peanut allergies in a way that parents, teachers, and children themselves can talk about allergies and understand them better.

4. Can I Eat This? By Trinace Johnson (paperback, 26 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishers) In this colorful book of rhyming tales, any toddler to second grader will identify with avoiding situations that could set off a food-allergy attack.

5. Can I Have Some Cake Too? A Story About Food Allergies and Friendship (paperback, 32 pages, River Sanctuary Publishing) This beautifully illustrated, full color book tells an all too familiar story that kids like Michelle, with food allergies, face daily in school and at social gatherings.

It reminds them that they are not alone.

6. Chad the Allergic Chipmunk by Nicole Smith (paperback, 28 pages, Allergic Child Publishing Group) Chad the Allergic Chipmunk helps children and adults learn about tree nut allergies and how to recognize an allergic reaction. 

7. Cody the Allergic Cow by Nicole Smith (paperback, 26 pages, Allergic Child Publishing Group) Cody the Allergic Cow helps children learn about milk allergies and how to recognize an allergic reaction.

 Cody explains milk allergies in a way that parents, teachers, and children themselves can talk about allergies and understand them better.

8. DJ’s Allergies by Jennifer Ormond (hardback, 16 pages, Danforth Book Distribution) Meet DJ. There is something special about him, he has food allergies. "DJ s Allergies" is a book that explains allergies to children of all ages in a way that they can understand.

9. Dominic and Pete by Shannan Rae (hardback, Mascot Books Inc.) If you or a family member or friend has food allergies, you know how hard it can be. Follow Dominic and Pete as they discover that what makes them different also makes them strong.

10. Food Allergies and Me: A Children’s Book by Juniper Skinner (Paperback, 28 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishers) Food Allergies and Me is a children's book that provides an engaging and relatable experience for children who are beginning to learn about and cope with food allergies. 

11. Joey Panda and His Food Allergies Save the Day by Amishi S.

Murthy, MD (paperback, 32 pages, Chicago Allergist Publications) Joey Panda has multiple food allergies (peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, egg, wheat, fish, and shellfish) and is nervous about his first day of school. How will he stay safe? With Eppy (his epinephrine auto-injector) by his side, Joey learns how to have fun at school and saves the day!

12. Jude the Dude: The Peanut Allergy Kid by Bridget Batson (paperback, 30 pages, Bridget Batson) Upset with his peanut allergy, Jude the Dude soon realizes he can still have fun and live out all of his dreams with his allergy. 

13. Kylie’s Special Treat: A Food Allergy Fairy Tale (hardback, 30 pages, Second Street Publishing LLC) A sweet fairy tale of a girl who loves to paint and dreams of the prince she once knew. One day she receives an invitation to make the prince a special treat. With some magical help, she happily bakes him her favorite dessert. 

14. Mommy, Is this Safe to Eat? A Guide for Preschoolers Allergic to Peanuts and Tree Nuts by Christina Black (paperback, 35 pages, instantpublisher) Ricky is three and loves playing outside and going to birthday parties. But Ricky has to be careful. He has a food allergy. 

15. No Thank You, I’m Allergic: A Story about Food Allergy Awareness by Kristen Seymour (paperback, 27 pages, Outskirts Press) A wonderful book that will encourage open discussions with children about food allergies.

16. Nurse Teddy Bear Learns about Food Allergies by Ann Lempert Deutsch (paperback, 44 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishing) "Nurse Teddy Bear" explains the story about food allergies to the kids.

17. Oscar’s Lunchbox by Pam Houssenloge (paperback, 32 pages, WELLconnectedKIDS) It's hard having food intolerances and Oscar finds lunchtime at school especially tough. But then he discovers the secret to finding his own special racing car formula, Oscar realizes that he's not missing out at all. His lunchbox is just right for him. 

18. Patty’s Secret: A Tale About Living with Food Allergies by Leneille Moon (paperback, 24 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishing) A food allergy children's book showing a day in the life of a food allergic pig named Patty who is challenged with sharing her food allergies on her very first day of school.

19. Personalized Food Allergies Storybook by Stepping Stories. This book explains to your child what foods to avoid, how to avoid them and what to do if an allergic reaction occurs. Select eBook or Print Book to personalize your book. www.steppingstories.com

20. Starting School with a Food Allergy by Christina Black (paperback, 37 pages, RC3Creations) Ricky is allergic to peanuts. He is starting Kindergarten this year. Can he stay safe at school and still have fun?

21. Taking Food Allergies to School by Ellen Weiner and Moss Freedman (paperback, 32 pages, JayJo Books) This beautifully illustrated and fun-to-read storybook simplifies and normalizes food allergies. 

22. The Allergy Buddy Club by Cindy Rice Andrea (paperback, 24 pages, Dining in the Light Publications) Ollie the elephant and his 2 friends Bruno and Maleeka are very sad. They are each allergic to a certain food that they love, and they must find ways to protect themselves from getting sick from these foods. 

23. The Bugabees: Friends with Food Allergies by Amy Recob (hardback, 26 pages, Beaver’s Pond Press) A whimsical tale of eight friends with food allergies. Food allergies are never fun, but best friends always are!

24. The Bugy Bops: Friends for All Time by Amy Recob (hardcover, 32 pages, Beaver’s Pond Press) In this sequel to the award-winning children's book The BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies, follow the BugyBops and find out how their kind and caring ways help their food allergic peers stay safe, happy, and healthy.

25. The Girl Who Cannot Eat Peanut Butter by Sharon Chisvin (kindle, 20 pages, Amazon Digital Services) The Girl Who Cannot Eat Peanut Butter is a rhyming children’s picture book about coping with food allergies. 

26. The Itchy Kids Club: Silly Poems for Itchy Kids by Jill Grabowski (paperback, 54 pages, BookSurge Publishing) The Itchy Kids Club is a book of silly poems for itchy kids, with lots of fun pictures and useful information.

27. The No Biggie Bunch Dairy-Free Dino-Licious Dig by Heather Mehra, Kerry McNamara and Michael Kline (Hardcover, 24 pages, Parent Perks, Inc.) Grab your shovels! Join Davis and Natalie as they scour the backyard for dinosaur parts and bone up on allergen-free snacking

28. The No Biggie Bunch Everyday Cool with Food Allergies by Michael Pistiner, MD (paperback, 24 pages, Parent Perks, Inc) Dr. Michael Pistiner and The No Biggie Bunch make food allergy education enjoyable and engaging in this book. Kids and caregivers will find answers to their food allergy safety and management questions, and solutions to their everyday challenges. 

29. The No Biggie Bunch Peanut-Free Tea for Three by Heather Mehra, Kerry McNamara and Michael Kline (Hardcover, 24 pages, Parent Perks, Inc.) Peanut-Free Tea for Three: Rice cakes and jelly and cowboy juice. Oh, my! Its time for a tea party No Biggie Bunch style! 

30. The No Biggie Bunch Sports-Tastic Birthday Party by Heather Mehra, Kerry McNamara and Michael Kline (hardcover, 24 pages, Parent Perks, Inc) It's Scotty's birthday and you're invited to the soccer field for cake, candles and kicks. 

31. The No Biggies Bunch Trade-or-Treat Halloween by Heather Mehra, Kerry McNamara and Michael Kline (hardcover, 24 pages, Parent Perks, Inc) Grab your No Biggie Bag and hit the pavement--its Halloween! The No Biggie Bunch doesn't just trick-or-treat, they TRADE-or-Treat as they swap the candy they're allergic to for space-age surprises.

32. The Peanut Butter Jam by Elizabeth Sussman Nassau and Margot J. Ott (hardback, 32 pages, Health Press) Sam's in a jam when his classmates work on a project using peanut butter. Sam is allergic to peanuts! 

33. The Peanut-free Café by Gloria Koster (hardback, 32 pages, A. Whitman) All the students at Nutley School love peanut butter, especially Simon. For Simon, peanut butter is essential. But then new student, Grant comes to school. Grant is allergic to peanut butter and can't sit near anyone eating it.

34. The Peanut Pickle by Jessica Jacobs (hardback, 48 pages, Skyhorse Publishing) Living with a peanut allergy is hard, and peanuts are everywhere! Ben ate peanut butter when he was young and he had a bad allergic reaction. 

35. The Princess and the Peanut: A Royally Allergic Tale by Sue Ganz-Schmitt (paperback, 38 pages, Wild Indigo) Every queen knows that in order to find out if a princess is REAL, one must send the "alleged" princess to bed on a magnificent pile of mattresses, slip in a pea, and see how she sleeps.  But when the royal kitchen is fresh out peas, the queen tries a peanut instead.  The princess turns out to be as real as her food allergies.  

36. The Princess and the Peanut Allergy by Wendy McClure (hardcover, 32 pages, Albert Whitman and Company) Regina and her mom are busy preparing for her birthday party. It's going to be a princess party with the perfect cake that looks like a castle and has an ice cream cone tower.

37. Yes I Can! Have My Cake and Food Allergies by Julie Wethington (hardcover, 32 pages, DragonWing Books) Jack hears the word NO a lot. And he listens...sometimes. But when you're a kid with severe food allergies, it's really important to ask Mommy and Daddy before eating anything.

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