How Kids In Your Life Can Impact Happiness and Stress

How your relationship with children can enhance or detract from your happiness

Father With Two Daughter And The Water Wheel In The Swimming Pool
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Children can add immensely to our lives: they help us to enjoy the moment, relive our own childhood, and push us to grow and develop in ways that we didn’t realize we needed to. They can also add stress by requiring time, energy, attention and funds, and presenting new challenges. In fact, while most people report that parenting brings great amounts of joy to their lives, research also shows that parents are at a greater risk of depression because of these and other reasons.

The role children play in our lives can strongly impact our happiness level, and our stress levels as well. The following resources can help you to live more in harmony with the children in your life, and even get more in touch with your own inner child.

  • Parents and Depression: Are parents really at a greater risk for depression? Yes. Find out why, and what you as a parent can do to keep yourself happy and healthy.
  • Stress Relievers For Parents: Taking care of children can be stressful. Finding ways to relieve that stress in a way that is enjoyable for parents and kids can be healthy for the whole family. Here are some strategies you can use to stay less stressed while caring for the kids, so you can enjoy them – and yourself – more.
  • Self Care for Parents: Parents sometimes forget their own needs as they focus on their children's. The problem is, if parents burn out, everyone suffers. Here are some important self-care strategies for parents.
  • Children and Stress Management: Do children need stress management, too? The answer is a resounding "yes." These strategies can help you help your children relieve stress, so you're all happier.
  • Stress Relievers For Your Inner Child: One of the benefits of having kids is that you get to be in closer touch with your own inner child. Get in touch with your inner child and relieve stress at the same time by trying these tried-and-true stress management techniques that most of us naturally did as kids.
  • Parenting Special Needs Children: Parenting children who have special needs presents its own unique challenges.
  • The Infertility Site: If you want children and are having trouble conceiving, you already know how this fits into your stress level and happiness quotient.