Kids Snacks Your Preschooler Will Love

Got little ones who need to nosh? Check out these nutritious nibbles!

"Mom, I'm hungry!" your preschooler cries. The problem is, lunch was not too long ago and dinner is hours away. So you need to find a healthy snack that will also fill them up. Most experts agree that letting little kids eat four or five small meals throughout the day is ideal. The trick is to make sure that the foods they are eating are high in nutrition while tasting good. Try some of these tasty kids snacks options.

Ants on a Log

ants on a log
Ants on a log. Ethan Myerson

Not only are Ants on a Log a fun-to-eat kids snack, they are fun to make too! And with so many varieties available, even the pickiest of eaters will find something they like.


sweet potato chips
Sweet potato chips. Dorling Kindersley

Sweet potato chips are a great alternative to regular potato chips, and when you make them homemade they become an even more healthy kids snack.



frozen banana snack
Frozen bananas. Glow Wellness

This frozen kids snack is great when you want to indulge your child's sweet tooth. While they do need to be made ahead -- no instant gratification here -- this is definitely a process you can get your preschooler involved in. 



Yogurt sweetened with honey. Cultura RM/Diana Miller
Most kids love the varieties and flavors available in low-fat yogurt. A great source of calcium for growing bones, you can also buy it plain and mix in chopped up fruit, fruit preserves or even honey and granola. (Note, never serve honey to a baby under 12 months old.)


quesadillas kids snack
Quesadillas. Dave King

Kids snacks recipes don't get much easier than cheese quesadillas. Whether you serve them plain or with one or more fillings, this never-fail favorite can even become a smart meal idea. Plus, kids can get it on the fun by adding ingredients to the tortillas before you cook them. 



apple puzzle snack
Apples. ColinBroug/stockexchange
Is it a snack or a game? No matter what your preschooler decides about this ordinary-looking apple, it's sure to win over the pickiest of eaters.


Cheese Cubes

cheese cubes
Cheese cubes. Lauri Patterson
High in protein and calcium, cheese cubes are a great choice for when you need to hold a little one over until dinnertime. Pair with crackers or sliced ham or turkey for something a bit more substantial. You can go with standard American cheese, or if your child has more "refined" tastes, try mozzarella, cheddar or even Monterey Jack. Note: Make sure the cubes are cut small enough and aren't a choking hazard.

Rice Cakes

rice cake
Rice cakes. Henrik Weis
One of my personal favorite kids snacks, rice cakes are the perfect base to build off on. Available in a variety of sizes and flavors, you can put just about anything on them. Peanut butter, cream cheese, jelly, hummus -- whether your child is looking for sweet or savory, rice cakes can accommodate. For even more variety, try topping with shredded cheese and heating in the toaster over until it is melted.


Hummus. Jamie Grill
Looking for the kids snack alternative to chips and dip? Give hummus and pita bread (or pretzels or crackers or veggies) a try.



Sushi Sandwich Developed by Sara Moulton for the Grain Foods Foundation
Sushi Sandwich. Sushi Sandwich -- Developed by Sara Moulton for the Grain Foods Foundation

The once-humble sandwich has gotten a makeover! No longer limited to peanut butter and jelly or bologna or white, sandwiches are a great way to involve your kids in the meal-planning process. With a ton of varieties and choices available, this is one meal or snack that you'll want to share in.



apples are kids favorite fruits
Fruit. Julia Wheeler and Veronika Laws
"Nature's candy" this one is almost a no-brainer. With options in every size, shape, color and taste, you are sure to find something that your little one likes. Take them with you to the grocery store to pick out their favorites and mix them up to make a delicious fresh fruit salad. For a fun variety, cut up chunks and make fruit kebobs, served up with a side of yogurt or peanut butter for dipping.

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