Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Tween

Stocking stuffers can be fun and inexpensive holiday gifts

Kids stocking stuffers should be fun and creative.
Paperback books, stuffed animals and candy all make great stocking stuffers for kids. Photo: Christy Cohen,

We often wait until the last minute to find stocking stuffers for our children's Christmas stockings. But really, stocking stuffers are easily found, and can be picked up and tucked away throughout the year, ready and waiting for Christmas Eve when they find their way to your kid's stocking.

Make holiday shopping easy by thinking about stocking stuffer ideas whenever you visit the department store, dollar store, or local drug store.

If you're stumped on what to put in your preteen's stocking, consider these ideas for fun and inexpensive kids stocking stuffers.

Kids Stocking Stuffers: Ideas for Girls

It's pretty easy to think of things to fill a tween girl's stocking. But look beyond the lip gloss. Does your daughter have a hobby? Does she just love to cook? If so, you could pack her stocking with recipe cards and a small whisk or brightly colored measuring spoons. Find her passion and you'll quickly think of ideas she'd love to find in her stocking on Christmas morning. Ideas can include gift cards to he favorite store or restaurant, tickets to a play or concert, or fun mini spa items like soap, hair accessories, or bath salts. 

Kids Stocking Stuffers: Ideas for Boys

Some say boys are harder to buy for than girls, but don't believe it. With a little thought, you can find plenty of stocking stuffer ideas for your preteen son.

If you need a little inspiration, consider ideas such as:

  • Sports gear
  • A small magic set or a deck of cards
  • A compass, a small LED flashlight or other outdoor gear
  • A paperback book
  • A copy of his favorite magazine
  • Hygiene items such as soap, cologne or shampoo
  • Anything that glows in the dark
  • Glow in the dark items
  • Hand or toe warmers for cold weather
  • Chocolate bars

Old-Fashioned Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The whole idea of stocking stuffers dates back to Saint Nicholas himself. There's something special about getting an item or two that's a bit retro, or remembers Christmases from long ago. These old-fashioned items also make great kids stocking stuffers.

  • Oranges, apples, clementines or pears
  • Packages of nuts and a nutcracker
  • A chocolate orange
  • Old-fashioned peppermint sticks
  • Packages of pumpkin seeds
  • Rock candy
  • Cold coins, or chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil
  • Home-made gingerbread cookies
  • Something hand-made by you, such as a scarf, a wooden toy, or another item you made by hand

Coupon-Book-of-Fun Stocking Stuffer

A coupon book is an inexpensive stocking stuffer and something you can make yourself. Just print out coupons your child can use year-around, and he's bound to be pleased. Not only are coupon books inexpensive kids stocking stuffers they can also be personalized to each child. If your child enjoys spending time alone with you, you can create a coupon for that very activity. Suggestions for your coupon book can include:

  • A coupon for a home cooked meal of choice
  • A coupon for a dessert of choice
  • A coupon for a late, late bedtime (weekends only)
  • A coupon for time alone with Mom or Dad
  • A coupon for 30 extra minutes of television time
  • A coupon for one trip to the local ice cream parlor
  • A coupon to get out of chores for one day

Something Very Special

It is Christmas, after all, so why not make the most of the day by including a hand-written note by you in your child's stocking? You could write a love letter, or something more humorous, such as, "25 Things I Like About You." Whatever you write, if it comes from the heart, it will make an impact on your tween.

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