How to Make Valentine Card Holder Sleeves in 7 Easy Steps

Learn how to make super-easy Valentine card holders in 7 easy steps.

Make these super-easy Valentine card holders. Katherine Lee

What to do with all those Valentine cards your child will get from friends and from classmates at school? Make these easy and very pretty Valentine card holders in just a few easy steps.

Gather the materials to make the Valentine envelopes.

Get materials to make these Valentine card envelopes. Katherine Lee

To start, assemble the materials you'll need to make your Valentine card envelopes. You'll need:

  • 8 1/2" x 11" red and/or pink paper (construction paper or text paper will do). You'll need 2 sheets for each envelope.
  • Large paper doily (I used one that was 10" in diameter)
  • Glue dots (or double stick tape--whatever you have on hand)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Fold paper in half and draw half a heart.

Fold the paper in half. Katherine Lee

Fold one of the red or pink pieces of paper in half and draw a half of a heart shape. (This is a great way to make a symmetrical heart.) NOTE: Be sure to draw the heart shape on the side that is folded so that you have a full heart when you open the folded paper.

Cut out the heart shape.

Cut out the heart shape. (Older children will be able to do this part by themselves.)

Draw another heart on a second piece of paper.

Make another heart. Katherine Lee

Fold a second sheet of paper in half and this time, use the heart you just cut out to trace another half heart. This way, you'll have 2 hearts that are almost exactly the same shape and size.

Cut out the second heart shape.

You will now have 2 hearts. Katherine Lee

Next, cut out the second heart shape. You will now have 2 nearly identical hearts.

Glue the hearts onto the doily.

Glue the hearts onto the doily. Katherine Lee

Next, use your glue dots or double-stick tape to glue the hearts onto the doily. Add tape only to the edges of the bottom 2/3 of the heart so that you create a nice pocket into which you can slide your Valentine cards.

Once you have put one of the hearts on one side of the doily, flip it over to add the other heart to the other side the same way. (Be sure the hearts line up before securing the tape.)

If you want to hang these Valentine card holders, add a bit of ribbon.

Add a bit of ribbon to hang the envelope. Katherine Lee

If you wish to hang these Valentine card holder envelopes, tape a bit of ribbon on the top.

Make some more envelopes to hold all your Valentines!

Make as many as you need to hold all your cards!. Katherine Lee

Now that you've seen how easy and fast these card holders are to make, create several more to hold all those Valentine cards! And if you're looking for a cute idea for pretty Valentine notes to make with--and for--kids, here's an easy idea for how to make folded Valentine heart notes.

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