Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style Characteristics

Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style - Understanding Bodily Kinesthetic Learner

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Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style - Characteristics of the Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style?

Bodily kinesthetic learning style is one of eight types of learning styles defined in Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. Bodily kinesthetic learning styles, or intelligence, refer to a person's ability to process information through the hand and body movement, control, and expression.

Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style - Characteristics of Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style

Bodily kinesthetic learning styled people enjoy school activities such as drawing, modeling, sculpting, drafting, shop, athletics, dance, and hands-on sciences.

Bodily kinesthetic learners enjoy creating work with their hands, may have a lot of energy and need to move, and may be talented athletes.

Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style - How Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Styled People Learn Best

People with bodily kinesthetic learning styles learn best when they are permitted to use their tactile senses and fine and gross motor movement as part of the learning process. They often prefer direct involvement with material they are learning than worksheets or reading from a book. Bodily kinesthetic learning style students understand and remember material longer when they use it in an active way.

Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style - Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style Career Choices

The bodily kinesthetic learning styled student may be drawn to careers such as professional dancer, athletic coach or trainer, aerobics instructor, artist in painting, sculpture, or woodworking, factory work with moving systems, postal carrier, emergency rescue worker, fire fighter or police officers, or military.

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