Kitchen Projects Your Tween Can Handle

Your tween can pitch in on everyday kitchen projects

Mother and daughter washing up
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Your growing child may be eager to take on responsibilities and chores around the home, and you should let him. Pitching in around the house will teach your child valuable skills, organizing skills, and give him a sense of independence. If your child is already taking responsibility for his bedroom and bathroom, it's time to offer another challenge -- the kitchen. Below are a few kitchen tasks your tween can tackle, helping you out and learning responsibility along the way.

Empty/Clean Out the Fridge

Keeping a refrigerator clean and organized can be difficult even for the most efficient among us. Let your tween go through the fridge, tossing old food and condiments, and giving the appliance a thorough clean. Give your child guidance on what should stay and what should go. If you don't know how old something is it's probably best to toss. Give your tween some wiggle room when it comes to organizing the fridge and freezer -- he may come up with a system that works better than what you're using. 

Organize the Pantry

Once the fridge is clean it's time to tackle the pantry. Your tween can sort through your pantry items and organize them for you. Online websites devoted to personal organizing offer up useful tips on how to organize dry and canned goods, and make use of a small space. Provide your child with any necessary supplies he might need to accomplish the job, such as a permanent marker, labels, tape, plastic storage bins, etc.

Again, offer guidance and what should be tossed and what is OK to keep.

Create a Family Information Center

Does your kitchen have a central spot where family members can leave notes for each other, post important information or keep track of daily responsibilities? If not, you may need a family information center.

Allow your tween to find a space in your kitchen to create a central spot for family information -- it might be the refrigerator or a desk or countertop. A calendar or white board, a cork board and a few organizing trays may be all you need to keep track of important information and stay on top of family commitments.

Polish and Cabinets

Kitchens are hard to keep clean but your tween can help you catch up on some of the bigger projects. Give your tween some furniture polish and a cloth to use on your cabinets, be sure to show your tween how to properly apply the polish and make your cabinets look new again. If he does a good job you could ask your child to tackle the baseboards as well. 

Organize the Utensil Drawer

Get your spoons, forks, and knives organized and have your tween clean out the utensil drawer. Discard any plastic utensils that might have accumulated and be sure your child washes and dries the liner before putting the utensils back in place. 

Make Pretty Magnets for the Refrigerator

Your tween can have a little fun helping you spruce up your kitchen.

Have your tween make pretty magnets for the refrigerator, or ask your tween to find a fun and easy way to bring a plant into the room, or brighten up the kitchen a little. A collage of family pictures on the refrigerator might be a fun way to personalize the kitchen and really make it the heart of the home.

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