How to Make a Snake Knot Bracelet

Snake Knot Bracelet: Fun and Easy Teen Project

friendhsip bracelet
Denise D. Witmer

 This knot-tying bracelet is fun to make and is a real boredom buster for teens. Whether you have a group of teens, or just one you have to keep entertained, this simple craft project will keep them occupied and give them a pretty keepsake when they're done. It's a nice craft to do as a birthday party activity, so every guest goes home with a unique party favor and fun memory of the day. 

Be sure to assess the skill level of your guests if you're going to do this as a group activity; while it's not terribly complex, if you have a beginner in the bunch, you may want to have a more experienced crafter supervise or help them so they don't get frustrated. 

Snake Knot Bracelet: What you'll need

Here are the items you'll need to make this simple bracelet: 

  • 2 five-foot pieces of satin or similar cording. You will want to color-coordinate them so the strands compliment each other. 
  • Craft glue and toothpick (for fastening your bracelet as you work)
  • Directions for the Chinese Snake Knot (next slide). These aren't complicated, but definitely give them a look and get familiar with the instructions before you start the project, especially if you have a group who may not have done this particular kind of knot before. 

For this knotted bracelet make 25 to 30 knots, about 5.5 to 6.5-inches of snake knots. This will make a 7 to 8-inch bracelet.

How to Start the Chinese Snake Knot

Getting the knot started is the most challenging part of the project.

First, start by looping the right-hand cord around the left-hand cord by going under, then over and through. Leave this loop loose.

Loop the left-hand cord around the right-hand cord by going on top then under all of the next set of cords and then through the first loop.Tighten the knot (but not too tightly), which will show if you've followed the steps correctly, or if you need to start over.

Take the cord on the right and make a loop around the left-hand cord by going under, then over and thread it through the knot. 

For pictures of these step-by-step instructions see  How to: Chinese Snake Knot.

Make the fastener and variations.

friendship bracelet knot
Denise D. Witmer

Tie one end in many overhand knots until you have one big knot – glue the knot so it doesn’t loosen.

The other end should be tied with one overhand knot, leaving room for the big knot to go through the two cords. Put some glue on this knot also.

This type of end is like a button through a button hole and helps the bracelet fit securely.

Variations: Use the colors and types of cord to make different bracelets for your high school or favorite team themes and holiday themes for fundraisers.

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