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L. Condoms
L. Condoms. Photo © 2015 Dawn Stacey

L. Condoms:

The philosophy behind L. condoms is to create a better condom by using quality ingredients. L. condoms include only the highest grade ingredients such as low protein latex, a silky-smooth lubricant, and no toxic additives. These condoms only use sustainably tapped 100% natural latex and are certified vegan-friendly by Vegan Action. Because of the environmentally responsible way L. condoms are sourced, manufactured, and marketed, how the facilities are run, and for using

earth-friendly materials that are cruelty-free, L. condoms have also been certified by Green America and PETA. Finally, these condoms are also endorsed as a B corporation for meeting rigorous standards of accountability, environmental and social performance, and transparency.

L. Condom Options:

There are four options of L. Condoms for you to choose between. If you are not sure which option will best suit your preferences, L. condoms also offers their "Mix It Up" option that contains their most popular Do {Each Other} Good and Ultra Thin condoms. Each box of L. Condoms contains 12 condoms, and with each box purchased, 12 condoms will be distributed to a country 
in need in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • L. Classic Condoms: these condoms have a straight-sided, classic condom shape. L. Classic condoms are 2.08"/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide and 7.48"/190mm long. (Compare: Condom Size Chart)
  • L. Ultra Thin Condoms: these condoms are smooth and thin. They are so sheer that it feels like you aren’t even wearing a condom. This allows for more sensitivity and pleasure. L. Ultra Thin condoms are 2.08"/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide and 7.48"/190mm long.
  • L. Do {Each Other} Good Condoms: these condoms have a ribbed base to enrich your partner’s stimulation. They also have a unique shape to increase your own enjoyment. L. Do {Each Other} Good condoms are 2.08"/53mm (+/- 2 mm) wide and 7.48"/190mm long.
  • L. Large Condoms: these condoms were created to help accommodate the needs of all you men who need more roomier condoms. They have a secure base and allow for a more comfortable fit due to their larger shape with an extended bulb. L. Large condoms are 2.20"/56mm (+/- 2 mm) wide and 7.48"/190mm long.

    The Ingredients in L. Condoms:

    L. condoms are made with sustainably tapped high-grade natural latex -- this is what helps to provide elasticity, advanced comfort, durability and pregnancy protection. There are 13 suspected allergy-causing proteins that can be found in hevea (natural rubber latex). L. condoms are unique from other condom types because they reduce these proteins and eliminate casein (a milk protein) from the latex during manufacturing. Plus, in the beginning stages of manufacturing, the latex is also purified and thoroughly washed. This helps to make the condoms have a very low latex odor and a clearer color.

    With females in mind, all L. condoms contain a long-lasting, moisture-rich lubricant that is glycerin and paraben free. Their lubricant formula is designed to mimic the female body’s own natural lubrication and does not contain potentially harmful additives, benzocaine or nonoxynol-9 (a commonly used spermicide).

    L. Condoms - Quality and Safety:

    L. condoms are manufactured according to FDA standards with a quality control team in place to monitor every step of the manufacturing process. L. condoms go through a rigorous process to make sure that each condom is designed to meet and exceed national and international standards (as well as meeting the more stringent L.

    quality standards). Each condom is triple tested before packaging via electronic testing machines. Every condom goes into a water solution that is charged with an electric current. If a current passes through a condom, then that means there is a hole in the condom and that condom is thrown away. All L. condoms undergo tests to confirm that air burst pressure and volume standards are met, proper seal on the condom foil is present, and that all labeling, expiration dates and lubricant weights and type are correct. When you decide to use L. condoms, you can be a assured that these condoms are an effective method of contraception as well as provide protection from sexually transmitted infections.

    The Story Behind L. Condoms:

    L. condoms is a women-owned condom company that was started in 2008 by Talia Frenkel, a photojournalist. Talia explains,

    “I've photographed many disasters in my life, but when I photographed the effects of HIV/AIDS on women and girls, I was shocked at the preventative nature of the epidemic. Not only are women disproportionately affected by AIDS, but condoms are a basic contraceptive tool that women in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to.”

    This inspired her to create L. condoms. Utilizing a unique approach to condom distribution -- for every L. condom sold, one is distributed by a female entrepreneur in a developing country in need (Sub-Saharan Africa -- countries with the highest HIV prevalence rate in the world). If just one in every 20 condom purchases consist of L. condoms, the HIV prevention needs of the three countries with the highest prevalence of AIDS could be met. This can lead to the reducing new HIV transmissions and improving the quality of life for even more people.

    L. condoms are manufactured in a facility that is strategically located in Malaysia, a leading producer of natural rubber in the world. L. condoms are packaged in 100% recycled paper boxes that are printed with vegetable inks and do not contain any cellophane or plastic. The directions for using L. condoms are printed on the inner walls of the box to save paper. A minimalist black and white design was purposely chosen to save on ink wastage and allows the box to be easier to recycle. All unused and excess rubber latex that is created in the manufacturing process of L. condoms is recycled. It is sent to other facilities that re-use the latex to make other rubber products, like flip flops.

    Want to Buy L. Condoms?

    There are several options available to purchase L. condoms:

    • L. condoms can be bought at retail stores like CVS, Target and select Whole Foods stores. They are also available on Amazon Prime.
    • The company also allows you to purchase from their website, and L. condoms are then shipped directly to you in discreet packaging. Besides ordering individual packs, the website offers the following three purchasing options:
      1. A Subscription Program -- a 12 pack of L. condoms is shipped for free each month. This service includes exclusive gifts, and the condoms are discounted to only $1 per condom.
      2. On-Demand Delivery -- for a flat rate of $5, one (or more) box of 12 Ultra Thin L. Condoms can be delivered within 1 hour to people who live in San Francisco, Brooklyn or Manhattan. One condom will be distributed in Uganda for every condom bought using this service.
      3. Students for Students Program -- If you belong to a fraternity, sorority, co-op or shared living space, you can sign up for a monthly program that offers discounted condoms (price is discounted with the more your condoms you buy) in the amounts of 50, 100, and 200. For every condom ordered, one condom will be donated in the name of your house to students in a developing country.

    Looking for a discount on L. condoms?

    Right now, the company is offering all my readers a discount code for 20% off your L. condoms order! Just use my special promo code aboutcontraception20 at check-out! And don’t forget, one condom will be donated for every condom you buy, so make sure to stock up!