11 Things You Need to Know about Lamictal and Lamotrigine

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Lamictal - generic name lamotrigine - is a medication used to treat seizure disorders like epilepsy and as a mood stabilizer for people who have bipolar disorder. Lamictal has been approved by the FDA for both uses but the information given to physicians and psychiatrists who prescribe Lamictal or lamotrigine includes warnings about some possible serious reactions to the drug, including rashes. Here is in-depth information regarding Lamictal and lamotrigine.

  • Overview of Lamictal
    Basic information about uses, most common side effects, contraceptive drug interactions with Lamictal, and warnings.
  • Lamictal / Lamotrigine Side Effects
    This page lists the documented side effects of Lamictal, beginning with those that are less severe, then those that require immediate contact with your doctor, and the symptoms of a Lamictal overdose.
  • Lamictal Withdrawal Effects
    While there is little research published regarding the effects of Lamictal withdrawal, there are a number of complaints by patients with bipolar disorder regarding the withdrawal symptoms from discontinuing Lamictal.
  • Lamictal Dosing
    This page gives available strengths and manufacturer's recommended dosages specifically for patients with bipolar disorder.
  • Lamictal Rash Warning - The Official Version
    Here is the warning language that the US Food and Drug Administration requires manufacturers of both Lamictal and the generic version lamotrigine to include on the information provided to doctors who may prescribe the medication.
  • Lamictal Rash Warning in Plain English
    What does the official version mean? If you found it difficult to understand, here's a plain English "translation." Everyone should be given this warning when they or their child is about to begin Lamictal therapy.
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Symptoms
    One of the rashes that Lamictal therapy can cause is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. SJS is a serious condition that may be life-threatening, especially if treatment does not begin promptly.
  • Other Potentially Serious Reactions to Lamictal
    In addition to rashes, there are other potential reactions to Lamictal that are rarer but can be quite serious if they do occur.
  • Lamictal and Weight
    This look at the effect of Lamictal and lamotrigine on weight answers the question of whether Lamictal causes weight gain.
  • Lamictal and Pregnancy
    Is Lamictal safe during pregnancy? Is the generic lamotrigine safe during breastfeeding? Does Lamictal cause birth defects? While there is not enough data to answer these questions conclusively, researchers have been able to gather enough information to issue guidelines.
  • Lamictal and Anxiety
    Does Lamictal help during anxiety? The evidence, either way, is slim, but this article covers what is known to date.

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