Last Minute School Break Checklist

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Sure, you have been looking ahead to your children having a few weeks out of school for the winter holiday season. Be sure that all of your children's school needs are taken care of before school lets out for break. Here is a checklist of what to take care of to prevent unnecessary stress when your children return to school:

Notify Your Children's School of Your Travel Dates -

This is a biggie. Many teachers will still be covering important material right before and after the break.

 This is also one of the most popular time for families to take their children out of school for a few days so they can take advantage of the break time on top of family holiday season plans. Don't assume that nothing will be happening at school. Let the teachers know several days in advance what days your child will be out of school. Make arrangements to complete and school work or tests that need to be completed. Middle and high school students may need to make special arrangements to take a final exam early.  

If you are close to leaving for your trip and you forgot to notify the school, last minute is better notification than none at all.  Be quick to apologize to teachers for the inconvenience.  If your travel plans are sudden or unexpected, be sure to explain that to the teachers.  

Get the Desk or Locker Cleaned Out

Many schools and teachers schedule time right before large breaks for their students to clean out their lockers or school desks.

If your child will be leaving for break early, have them take a few minutes to clean out their area.  No one likes coming home to a mess, and school children are no different. Coming back from break to a clean desk or locker helps your child start the new semester off right.  

Plan to Keep Stress Minimized  

The Holiday Season is stressful on everyone, including school children.

 Make sure that you have plans to keep anxiety to a minimum.  The break should be a time of renewal for your children, who have been working hard learning new material.  Winter Break is the midpoint in the school year.  Having a restful yet fun break can help your child be ready to finish the last half of the year with their best effort.

Remember Teacher Gifts

Gifts for your child's teacher show your child's teacher that you notice and appreciate the hard work that they do.  Making sure that the teachers receive a gift also shows your children that you value what the teacher is providing your child - a good education for your child's future.

Avoid Learning Loss

You know how challenging it feels for you when you work out regularly, but for a few weeks and then come back to working out again?  You just aren't at your top speed.  Teachers know that this phenomenon occurs.  You can help minimize the effect by keeping your child close to their normal schedule and getting in some learning.  Of course, you will want to keep it fun.  After all, this is Winter Holiday Break.

Start Planning Ahead

The Winter Break is followed not only by the last half of the school year but also with a new calendar year.

  Stop and assess how things are going for your child and you.  The return from the break can be a good time to put changes in place as your family will be readjusting to the school routine anyway.

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