Laure Berkner Band to Release Six Themed, Remastered Albums

Preschool favorite releases albums about animals, nature, and more

Laurie Berkner Band
The Laurie Berkner Band is rereleasing six albums, all digitally remastered. Laurie Berkner Band

Quick! Somebody find Victor Vito! Preschool warblers The Laurie Berkner Band is releasing six "themed" albums on June 16, 2015, packed with classic tunes that have all been digitally remastered. The new albums, all curated by Bernker, include: 

  • Laurie Berkner's Animal Songs
  • Laurie Berkner's Classroom Favorites
  • Laurie Berkner's Food Songs
  • Laurie Berkner's Movement Songs
  • Laurie Berkner's Nature Songs

"I know, from being a preschool music teacher and a parent, how often I have found myself searching for good songs about a particular subject," Berkner said.

"I wanted to make that search easier, so I created six remastered, themed albums using my previously recorded, original songs. It was so fun to go through them all and watch the topics I write about the most emerge! I hope that through these curated albums, longtime fans will rediscover favorite songs and new families will find themselves becoming longtime fans!"

The songs were culled from five previously-released CDs, including Whaddaya Think of That? (1997); Buzz Buzz (1998); Victor Vito (1999); Under A Shady Tree (2002); Rocketship Run (2008), and the DVD/CD Party Day! (2011). The new albums will be available for download at all digital retailers.

The Laurie Berkner Band features: Laurie Berkner, vocals/guitar; Susie Lampert, keyboards; Brady Rymer, bass; and Bobby Golden, drums/percussion.

Each album is geared at kids from birth to age 7. All six are on the Two Tomatoes Records label and are distributed by Razor & Tie.

Each album will cost $5.99.

Laurie Berkner's Animal Songs (running time 44 minutes)

"I find animals incredibly fun to sing about. Perhaps it's because I love making animal noises! Here is a collection of songs about all different kinds of animals -- from bugs to baby rhinos, and dragons to dogs to dinosaurs.

Have fun acting them out together!"

Track Listing
Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz)
The Goldfish
I Know A Chicken
Mouse In My Toolbox
Pig On Her Head
Party Day
Last Night I Had A Dream
We Are The Dinosaurs
Lots of Little Pigs
Fast And Slow (The Rabbit And The Turtle)
Do The Dragon
Farm Song (That's What I Did On The Farm)

Laurie Berkner's Classroom Favorites (running time 34 minutes)

"For me, writing music for young children started when I was a preschool music teacher. I found myself creating songs that would complement the curriculum in the classrooms and about other topics that I knew the kids were exploring. I also wrote songs that would work well in my own music room. Here is a collection of the ones that are favorites of kids and teachers alike."

Track Listing
Bottle Caps
These Are My Glasses
I'm Me And You're You
My Family
The Story Of My Feelings
One Seed
I'm Not Perfect
What Is The Color Of My Dreams?
Clean It Up
I'm Gonna Catch You

Laurie Berkner's Food Songs (running time 28 minutes)

"Food is one of my favorite things to write songs about. In fact, it's one of my favorite things, period! Whatever foods you like to eat, I hope you'll find a song in this collection that makes you happy. You may even discover a food you have never tried before!"

Track Listing
Victor Vito
Fruit Salad Salsa
Where Is The Cake?
I Feel Crazy So I Jump In The Soup
The Pretzel Store
Choc-o-lot In My Pock-o-lot
The Valley Of The Vegetables
The Cookie Bakers Of The Night
Popcorn Calling Me
(I'm Gonna Eat) On Thanksgiving Day
Rhubarb Pie (Hot Commodity)
Ice Cream Cone

Laurie Berkner's Movement Songs (running time 37 minutes)

"Music almost always makes me want to move. The songs in this collection are particularly good for getting everyone up and using their bodies. Dancing, jumping, spinning, marching and more ... it's all here. Let's get started!"

Track Listing
I'm Gonna Catch You
Monster Boogie
Shakin' Down The Sugar
All Around My Room
My Energy
Let's Samba
Balance Beam
I Really Love To Dance
Song In My Tummy
Shake Your Body Down
Five Days Old

Laurie Berkner's Nature Songs (running time 33 minutes)

"When I was compiling these collections, I had no idea I had written enough songs to make a whole Nature album! I was so happy to discover it, and I love the images in these songs. I hope they connect to your own love of this planet we all share."

Track Listing
One Seed
Moon Moon Moon
Walk Along The River
In The Clouds
What Falls In The Fall?
Stars Are Shining
Just Like The Sun
All The Planets
After It Rains
Can You Imagine?
Like A Seashell
Running Down The Hill
Under A Shady Tree

Laurie Berkner's Transportation Songs (running time 24 minutes)

What is more evocative than vehicles that move and take us places? This collection includes songs about the traditional trucks, cars, planes, and boats, but also covers flying boxes, rocketships, and animal travel!"

Track Listing
Rocketship Run
The Airplane Song
Fast And Slow (The Rabbit And The Turtle)
Drive My Car
Magic Box
One More Stop On The Train
Blow A Kiss

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