Learn to Talk to Your Teen in 5 Days

Effective Communication Is a Useful Parenting Skill

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Parents have the same goal, to successfully parent their teen into happy and healthy adults. The most important parenting skill you will need to do this is effective communication. If you can effectively communicate with your teen, you can move mountains - or at least get them to clean their room on a regular basis. This free parenting class is set up for you to go through one lesson a day in five days.

Once you incorporate these lessons into your talks with your teen, you will see an improvement in getting your teen to come to you when they need help, follow your rules and limits and be less stressed.

Day 1: What Can Effective Communication Do for You and Your Teen?
What you'll learn in this lesson:
1.) Our working definition of effective communication.
2.) What happens when you effectively communicate with your teen. Building bonds by talking with your teen.
3.) Why effective communication is the number one parenting skill for successful parents.

Day 2: Opening Up the Lines of Communication
What you'll learn in this lesson:
1.) Why open lines of communication are necessary.
2.) Guidelines you can use to help you open and keep open the lines of communication. Keep your teen talking and listening.
3.) What to do when opening the lines of communication seems impossible.

Day 3: Effective Communication in Discipline
What you'll learn in this lesson:
1.) Benefits of effective communication in discipline.

Knowing how to talk to your teen makes discipline easier.
2.) How to use effective communication to set rules, limits and responsibilities.
3.) How to use effective communication to enforce rules, limits and responsibilities.

Day 4: Dealing with Tough Issues Using Effective Communication
What you'll learn in this lesson:
1.) How effective communication helps parents deal with the tough issues teens face today.

2.) How parents use their influence when it comes to values, expectations and tough issues.
3.) Tips for getting conversations started.

Day 5: Tying it All Together
Finish up the class by taking our analysis quiz, How Effectively Do You Communicate with Your Teen?, and earn a successful completion certificate.

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