Lego Building Blocks

Legos + Imagination = Creative Fun

Legos provide endless hours of creative play for kids. There are so many different kinds of bricks and other special pieces that almost the only limit to what a child can create is what his imagination can dream up. One of the things I like about legos is the "locking" feature of the bricks and pieces. This feature keeps your child's creations together and prevent them from falling over or falling apart. While there are many themed lego building sets available, it's always good to start with some basic sets. Legos are for children ages 4 and up.

Tubs of Lego bricks are great to have around. This one contains 405 pieces, but not all of them are bricks. The tub also includes a building plate, some windows, doors, wheels an minifigures. Also included are instructions for making 5 different models. Of course, your child doesn't have to create those models. He can create all that the bricks will allow, but if he's a beginner and needs a little inspiration, there are 25 photos of other models that can be built with this set. Your child will just have to puzzle out how to build them. The container serves as a storage bin for the Legos.

This Lego set has plenty of bricks, windows, doors, wheels and more - 480 pieces in all -to allow your child to make buildings and vehicles. Some of the bricks have eyes or faces to use to build characters and animals too! The bricks come in a bucket that can be used for storing the pieces.

If you are thinking that XXL refers to extra extra large, you are right. This Lego set contains 1,600 Lego bricks and other elements. That's enough for a lot of buildings, characters, animals and more. The pieces come in a variety of colors and will provide hours and hours of creative play. What I like about big basic sets like this is that you can add small sets to it, along with minifigures, to keep your child's interest and keep the creative juices flowing without having to buy numerous large and expensive sets. Basic sets also encourage some original creative thinking.

If your child has a basic set of Lego bricks, but wants to construct some buildings with windows and doors that open, then this is a great additional set. The windows and doors come with "frames" that make it easy to install them. The set also includes shutters for the windows and "tiles" to use to create roofs easily.

If your child is fond of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, he'll no doubt enjoy this Lego set. In addition to many of the basic Lego bricks and pieces, it has many wheels, a windshield, and workshop tools, like a wrench. The set includes a total of 525 Lego pieces, plenty for creating some interesting vehicles. The set also includes two minifigures and building instructions.

This set is a nice little addition to any set. It adds a some landscaping touches to any building. The set comes with 2 large trees, 4 small trees, 6 red flowers, and 6 pink flowers.

Legos are easy to build with and the way the bricks and pieces fit firmly together makes the creations your child builds pretty sturdy. But even so, have a firm base on which to build makes it so much easier to build houses and other buildings. It makes them easier to transport from room to room too. And, of course, a base creates a nice "lawn" on which to place trees and flowers. This set comes with two green baseplates, one gray one, and one blue one. Each plate measures about 9 3/4" by 9 3/4".

Once your child has created buildings and vehicles, he will surely want to have lots of people and more to create Lego communities. This set will help him to just that. It includes people you would find in everyday life, like a mechanic, a postal worker, a police officer, and a hospital worker - 22 figures in all. It also includes other accessories, like food animals, a bicycle, and a backpack. It even includes a laptop! The set has 256 pieces altogether.

Sometimes your child may lose a piece or may want another piece that isn't included in a set he has. Rather than having to buy a whole set just for that piece or do without it, you can buy individual pieces from this company, from the smallest to the largest.


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