Lemon Water

Lemon water
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In recent years, drinking lemon water has gained popularity as a natural-health trend. It's said that adding lemon-juice-infused water to your daily routine can offer an array of health benefits, from better energy to a stronger immune system. One of the most common claims for lemon water is that it can help you lose weight.

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In most cases, lemon water is made by squeezing the juice of a quarter of a lemon into a glass of warm water.

Why Is Lemon Water Good for You?

Lemons contain a variety of nutrients that are important for your health. These nutrients include a number of antioxidant compounds, such as vitamin C. Lemons are also a source of potassium, a mineral involved in blood pressure control.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a half-lemon's worth of juice provides about 9.3 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C and 25 mg of potassium. The recommended daily intake for vitamin C is 90 mg for most men and 75 mg for most women, while the recommended daily intake for potassium is 4,700 mg for most adults.

Lemon water is also frequently recommended as part of an alkaline diet.

What Are the Health Benefits of Lemon Water?

Here's a look at some of the most commonly claimed health benefits for lemon water:

1)  Weight Loss

There are many claims as to how lemon water might help you lose weight. For instance, some proponents suggest that lemon water can increase thermogenesis, which is a biological process involved in burning calories.

It's also said that drinking lemon water can help reduce food cravings and, as a result, make you less likely to overeat.

While research on the potentially weight-loss-promoting benefits of lemon water is lacking, some preliminary studies suggest that several other natural remedies (including green tea, yerba mate, and capsaicin) might help increase thermogenesis.

2)  Immune System

Widely touted as a natural immune-booster, vitamin C is often used to reduce risk of common ailments such as colds and the flu. Because of its vitamin C content, lemon water is said to strengthen your immune function and stave off illness.

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3)  Digestion

Lemon water is purported to promote the flow of bile, a substance essential for digestion.

There are many ways to stimulate your digestive system naturally. Check out these tips on digestion-enhancing strategies such as practicing mindful eating, increasing your intake of fiber, and getting your fill of probiotics.

4)  Detox

Lemon water is sometimes consumed as part of a detox diet. It's said that lemon water can support detox efforts by boosting the liver's ability to flush out toxins.

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5)  Skin

Some proponents state that the vitamin C in lemon water can improve your skin's health by increasing the production of collagen

Research on Lemon Water

To date, there's a lack of scientific research to support any of the supposed health benefits of lemon water.

Still, some preliminary research indicates that consuming lemon on a daily basis may enhance your health.

This research includes a small study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism in 2014, which found that daily intake of lemon may improve blood pressure management.

Although this study suggests that lemon juice may offer some health benefits, further research is needed to confirm its findings.


There are several safety concerns associated with lemon water. For example, the acid in lemon juice may corrode your tooth enamel over time and, in turn, increase your risk of tooth decay and cavities.

In addition, there's some concern that drinking lemon water may aggravate conditions such as heartburn and acid reflux.

How to Make Lemon Water

To make lemon water, simply take 1/4 of a fresh lemon and squeeze the juice into a glass, then fill the rest of the glass with warm water.

Many proponents suggest that drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up can maximize its benefits. However, there's no scientific support for the claim that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning helps boost your body's absorption of nutrients like vitamin C and potassium.

Drinking Lemon Water for Health?

While it's too soon to recommend lemon water for such health-related purposes as improved digestion and better immune function, lemon water can make for a healthy alternative to caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks. What's more, sipping lemon water is a great way to reach your recommended daily fluid intake.


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