Leptin Resistance, Reverse T3

Keys to Weight Loss for Thyroid Patients

Dr. Kent Holtorf believes that two commonly overlooked endocrine dysfunctions -- leptin resistance and excessive production of a form of thyroid hormone known as Reverse T3 -- may be the cause of weight gain or difficulty losing weight in some people, and in particular, thyroid patients. You'll want to learn more about this in his article, Long Term Weight Loss - More Than Will Power?, which is featured at Huffington Post.

In the article, Dr. Holtorf explains how these factors are tested and treated. I joined the discussion, and raised two additional thyroid-related endocrine dysfunctions that are frequently overlooked as factors in inappropriate weight gain or difficulty losing weight with a healthy diet and exercise.

Need More Thyroid Diet Help?

Do you want to delve further into the issue of weight loss for thyroid patients? Here are some additional resources to help:

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