Lesson 10: Job Prospects for Psychologists

What Does the Future Hold for Psychologists?

Lesson 10 covers the job outlook for psychologists.

Welcome to the last week of the Careers in Psychology E-Course! In the final lesson for this e-course, you'll learn more about the job outlook for psychologists. While projections can offer some idea of what you might expect for the future, you should also take into consideration the current job market and the job demand in your geographic location.

Job Outlook Predictions

What does the future hold for psychologists?

According to projections provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, the job demand for psychologists is expected to grow over the next decade. However, opportunities may vary depending on educational status, experience and specialty area. Discover what type of employment opportunities psychologists can expect in the coming years and which subfields are expected to be in the great demand... Learn more about the job outlook for psychologists

Your Assignment: What's YOUR Job Outlook?

It is one thing to look at general job projections and statistics, and quite another to think about the individual job prospects for your chosen specialty area. For this week's assignment, your goal is to explore the job prospects for some of the possible professions you are interested in. This means not only looking at the job outlook predicted by the U.S. Department of Labor, but also looking at what the job market is currently like in your geographic area.

In your career journal, record you research on the possible outlook for some of the specific careers you are interested in. Next, spend some time exploring job search websites, the local classified ads, and your state's job service website to see how many related positions are open in your area. Does it look like there is a good demand for professionals in your field?

Do national projections suggest that there might be an increase or decrease in jobs in these fields?

Congratulations on completing the Careers in Psychology e-course!

Over the past 10 weeks you've learned a great deal about some of the many career options that are available within psychology. If you've been keeping up with your career journal, you also have some great notes and research that you can look back and reflect upon.

Hopefully by this point you have a fairly good idea of which career options interest you the most, but don't despair if you are still not 100 percent sure which specialty area is right for you. It might just mean that you need to spend some more time taking psychology classes and discovering which topics interest you the most. It might also help to spend some time volunteering for research or serving as a lab assistant for an instructor in your school's psychology program.