Quotes from Your Favorite On-Screen Childcare Providers

Nannies from TV & Movies showed us how to love and care for children

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins from the movie Mary Poppins (1964).

The role of nanny or babysitter is not an easy task. Caring for children all day can be quite challenging, although many of our favorite on-screen caregivers made the job look simple and fun. Check out 8 famous nannies or babysitters from television and movies and the lessons we learned from them.


Mary Poppins made daily chores and errands into games. She showed us that children will participate in daily chores, such as making their bed or tidying up, if they find it fun.

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and - SNAP - the job's a game!"

Maria, Sound of Music

Maria Von Trapp from the movie The Sound of Music (1965).

Maria provided a safe and loving environment for the seven von Trapp children. Maria cared for each child as an indiviual and helped them grow. She showed us that singing brings joy into children's lives.

"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad." 

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire from the movie Mrs. Doubtfire (1993).

Mrs. Doubtfire provided the children with a supportive ear, during a difficult time. She showed us that being present and listening helps children feel secure and loved. 

"You know, some parents, when they're angry, they get along much better when they don't live together. They don't fight all the time, and they can become better people, and much better mummies and daddies for you. And sometimes they get back together. And sometimes they don't, dear. And if they don't, don't blame yourself."

Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee from the movie Nanny McPhee (2005).

Nanny McPhee taught the children about discipline and the consequences of their actions. She taught us about 5 main lessons: to stop fighting, to share, to work together, to be brave and to have faith. 

"There is something you should understand about the way I work. When you need me, but do not want me, then I will stay. If you want me, but no longer need me then I have to go."

Jo Frost, Super Nanny

Jo Frost from the TV series Super Nanny (2005-2012).

The supernanny offers guidance and stability to parents and children. She teaches discipline techniques and shows the whole family how to respect each other. 

“Your role is not to make your child happy every moment of the day regardless of the personal cost, but to raise her to be a thoughtful, kind, productive citizen of the world. Some people would beg to differ, but it’s not a choice to discipline or not. Your child needs discipline, just like she needs food and water.” 

Fran, The Nanny

Fran Fine from the TV show The Nanny (1993-1999).

Fran believed that honesty is key when building lasting relationships. Fran's willingness to call it like it is created a strong bond between herself and the children. She showed us not to take everything so seriously.

"School, thank God for school. I need those seven hours of personal time. I mean, how else can I continue to be the bright, vivacious nanny that you all know and love if I have to spend all day taking care of those kids?"

Charles, Charles in Charge

Charles from TV show Charles in Charge (1984-1990).

Charles provided the children with support and guidance. He paved the way for manny's as reliable childcare providers and showed us that young men can be great babysitters.

Annie, The Nanny Diaries

Annie Braddock from the movie The Nanny Diaries (2007).

Annie taught the family the importance of spending time with your own kids and not having other people raise them. Annie taught us about the value of respect and of treating others well.

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