Life Coaches and Stress Management

Coaching can help with stress.
Coaching can really help with stress.. Tetra Images/Getty Images

Unlike therapists, who tend to help clients with deeper psychological issues, life coaches deal with relatively emotionally healthy people who want to improve their lives in specific ways, such as changing careers, finding a healthy relationship, taking their business to a new level, losing weight or deepening their self-understanding, for example. And they address stress by helping their clients set and reach goals in these areas, and focus on specific stress management habits as well.

 Life coaches and wellness coaches help their clients with stress management as well as time management, goal setting and other key areas of change to help their clients lead more balanced lives that better reflect clients’ personal values and priorities.

Coaching differs from therapy in that the focus is more on the present and future than the past, more on goals and behaviors than emotions and emotional patterns, and there is a more equal balance of power between the coach and client than between the typical therapist and client.  Life coaches can work with clients for just a few sessions of planning or maintenance, or they can work with them long-term in reaching a series of goals.  

Many clients find that coaches are helpful in helping them to zero in on areas they want to change, and in cheering them on when they work toward these goals.  Just as people may find it easier to maintain exercise habits with a personal trainer, people find it easier to maintain motivation, adjust focus, and do everything necessary to move toward their important life and lifestyle goals with the help of someone who can help them set up goals and keep working toward them.

If you are considering using a life coach for help with stress management, there are many great options out there.  I personally have taken coach training classes with MentorCoach, which focuses on positive psychology, wellness coaching, corporate coaching, and other specializations, and Wellcoaches, which focuses more specifically on wellness coaching.

 Both companies train coaches who already have training in psychology or wellness fields, and both provide thorough training for their coaches.  (I've linked both companies because both will make referrals if needed.)  As part of your search, consider finding someone with the training and experience that is in line with your needs, but focus on finding someone with a personality that is a good fit with yours as well.  And if you need more focused help with deeper emotional issues, a good coach will refer you to a good therapist when necessary.  

The following articles provide stress management tips and techniques that life coaches and wellness coaches often recommend, so you can get started working toward your goals on your own, and bring in a coach later if you choose to intensify your progress.

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