Life Skills: Teaching Transportation to Teens

Tips on Teaching Teens The Ability to Get from One Place to Another

A teenager learning to drive.
A teenager learning to drive. Gary S Chapman/Getty Images

One important life skill that teenagers need to learn in order to become independent, and to generally be able to operate without their parents or caregivers is transportation, or 'getting from Point A to Point B'. While it sounds simple, many teens do not have a good grasp of this simple skill.

There is a bus to get to school and often, the family is relied upon for transportation to go pretty much anywhere else.

Always leaving this important life skill to parents can lead a child to develop the bad habit of never taking the responsibility of being where they need to be and blaming others for being late or not showing up. That will hinder your teen's daily living and success.

Young adults have goals, dreams and responsibilities that will require them to know all they can about different modes of transportation. Simply put, teens need to know 'how to get there from here'. Therefore, parents need to give the responsibility of transporting themselves from one place to another to their teen as often as possible. When parents do this, teens learn valuable transportation lessons.

Below is a list of transportation lessons - and experiences if you can swing it - that your teen will benefit from learning now, while you are still able to help. Some of these are taught in high school and some can be taught by getting your teen involved with travel clubs or various youth events.

Modes of Transportation an Independent Teen Should Know

  • How to drive a car and take care of a driver's license;
  • how to take a bus
  • how to ride the subways or speed lines
  • how to purchase a plane ticket, deal with the airport security and take the flight
  • how to purchase a train or ship ticket
  • how to hail or call for a cab
  • and how to get and take care of a passport

Along with knowing how to get to and take the different modes of transportation, teens should also know:

  • how to read maps
  • how to decipher bus schedules
  • how to figure out how much the mode of transportation or trip will cost
  • and what to bring with them.

These life skills are learned best when taught by experience, but you can also use the internet to help when the concept of using experience as a teacher is not readily applicable. Give these lessons your best efforts as teaching your teen how to go where they need to on their own will boost their confidence and add to their overall sense of independence.

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