LifeFitness T3 Treadmill Review

Lifefitness T3 Treadmill
Lifefitness T3 Treadmill. Courtesy of Amazon

Consumer Guide recommends the LifeFitness T3 citing its overall quality plus the interactive workouts. Using the Polar wireless heart rate monitor, it automatically varies incline and speed. You can also store and retrieve your own workouts or use their programmed ones.


  • 3.0 HP continuous duty motor
  • Polar wireless heart rate monitor
  • 12 or more workouts, including heart rate controlled


  • Noisier than most in this price range.


    • Horse Power Rating: 3.0 Continuous Duty
    • 58" deck on T3-0, 60" on T3-5
    • Pre-set, custom, heart-rate guided and interactive workouts

    Expert Review - LifeFitness T3 Treadmill Review cites the intuitively easy electronics on the Lifefitness T3 as a plus. A "Smart Money" article in January, 2006 reviewed several treadmills and rated it four stars, citing its ease of use, workout options and customizable speed setting buttons.

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