LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor

LifeSource Blood Pressure

The Bottom Line

LifeSource provides an affordable, easy-to-use blood pressure monitor for home use. For those who need to monitor blood pressure regularly, you won't find a better buy.


  • Monitor your blood pressure and pulse rate at home
  • Easy to use and accurate
  • Stores 30 most recent measurements in memory


  • None


  • Get accurate blood pressure measurements at home.
  • Provides blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even when an irregular heartbeat occurs.
  • One button operation that even I couldn't screw up.

Guide Review - LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor

LifeSource has a great reputation for providing innovative and practical products like heart rate monitors and scales. Their blood pressure monitor is no exception.

The Quick Response comes with an EasyCuff which form-fits to your arm and makes it easier to use by yourself. Once you insert the batteries (4 AA) and strap on the EasyCuff, you're ready to go! You press one button and the monitor goes right to work, providing your blood pressure and your pulse rate.

It stores your most recent 30 measurements in memory so you can compare your blood pressure from day to day. What makes the LifeSource model unusual is that it will give you a reading even with irregular heartbeat. Great buy!

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