LifeSpan Heart Rate Ring

Lifespan Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Ring
Lifespan Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Ring. Courtesy of

The LifeSpan Heart Rate Ring shows your pulse, but you simply wear it as a ring. It could be a good solution to monitoring your heart rate during walking and other exercise without a chest strap. Unfortunately, in our review we couldn't get a stable reading.

What You Get with the LifeSpan Heart Rate Ring

  • Pulse monitor ring with no chest strap.
  • Has a minimum and maximum heart rate alert
  • Stopwatch and clock functions
  • Available in three colors.
  • One size, with silicone ring insert to enable it to fit a range of finger sizes.

Expert Review - LifeSpan Heart Rate Ring

Monitoring your heart rate is a great way to tell whether you are working out at the correct level. The most accurate way to measure it is with a chest strap heart rate monitor. But chest straps are often uncomfortable to wear and can cause chafing. Other pulse monitors I've seen rely on you placing one or two fingers onto sensors for several seconds to obtain a reading. Wearing a ring that could give continuous readings without such maneuvers would be ideal.

The LifeSpan Heart Rate Ring comes in one size but has a sizing insert for smaller fingers. The first one I tested didn't have the insert and I had very poor readings from it. When I received the second one to test, I was happy to find that the insert gave a secure fit. The ring is pretty large, but can be worn comfortably, especially on the forefinger or thumb.

However, my problem with stable readings continued. To get a reading, you press the right side button and it reads your heart rate and displays it for about a minute. I wore a Polar heart rate monitor at the same time for comparison. My readings from the heart rate ring were right on at times. But throughout the reading cycle, they might go up and down by 10 or 20 beats per minutes, which is a very significant difference.

Sometimes it seemed to read just half the heart rate it should. At other times, I would press the button and get no reading at all. That is very annoying in the middle of a race or hard workout when you really want a peak reading at a specific time. I've tried the ring on every finger of each hand and had the same problems in each location. Two friends tried it and could not get a stable reading, either.

The heart rate ring includes a stopwatch, clock, and minimum and maximum heart rate alerts.

The Bottom Line

I really wanted this product to work well -- I would love to get easy heart rate readings without having to wear a chest strap. Wearing the heart rate ring for easy readings seems ideal. But in testing two rings, I could never get stable or reliable readings.

It may still be available from online retailers or in stores, but no longer appears on the manufacturer's website at

Meanwhile, you may want to look into the Fitbit Charge HR or other fitness bands that have LED heart rate sensors. Those are the emerging technology for strapless heart rate monitoring. Even better, download the Azumio Instant Heart Rate app to use with your smart phone's camera.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.