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Lily Padz
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The Bottom Line

LilyPadz Nursing Pads are a nice alternative to traditional disposable breast pads. They are comfortable and discreet under clothing hiding both breast milk leaks, preventing leaking and preventing you from showing your nipples through your clothing.


  • Almost invisible under clothing.
  • Can be used while swimming.
  • They are reusable.
  • Can be used at any point in breastfeeding cycle.


  • Initial cost.


    • Non-absorbent nursing pad
    • Adheres to breast, breathable and flexes with your body
    • Clear, silicone reusable breastfeeding/nursing pads
    • Require cleaning

    Guide Review - LilyPadz Nursing Pads

    LilyPadz Nursing Pads are a unique breast pad that conforms and clings to the breast. It uses pressure to control leakage instead of collecting milk in the pad. They can be used while swimming, sleeping, and everyday wear. When I tried the LilyPadz, they fit nicely in my bra and were unable to be seen in even my tightest shirts. It was also noted that you can wear these just to cover your nipples if they stick out too.

    The initial cost of the LilyPadz is higher than most other breast pads, however, they are reusable. This makes it worth the cost because many of the breast pads these pads are not reusable. You do not have to get more than one pair, unless you just want to do so, that also makes this different than other reusable pads.

    When they are wet - they have to be washed and dried, putting them out of commission for awhile. That's not the case with LilyPadz.

    Cleaning the LilyPadz

    Cleaning the LilyPadz was easy using either the Lily Wash or dish detergent. You rinse them out and leave them to dry. Be sure they are dry before putting them on to prevent chaffing.

    You should allow your nipples to have some down time. If you wear these all the time it may irritate your breasts, so find a time to go LilyPadz free.

    When your milk supply is being established, LilyPadz might not work as well as they would after you have been breastfeeding a while. The goal is for you and your clothes to stay dry. I didn't leak unless I left them on too long, I did not do this often, once was enough. The milk collects in them and will spill out if you don't empty it. So how often that you need to empty them will depend on how much you leak. If you don't leak much, you won't need to change it often. If you leak a lot, you will need to change it, or really empty it, more often.


    The LilyPadz were very comfortable and I did not notice them once I applied them. If you have cracked or sore nipples, putting the pads on and taking them off may be uncomfortable. But you should probably not wear them if you were having trouble with cracked and bleeding nipples. (See a lactation consultant!) They do not rub or move around while wearing them, so that was a huge plus over traditional breast pads. 

    Overall, I think LilyPadz are an excellent choice for a nursing mother who wants to prevent breast milk leaks and maintain her style.

    This is also a great gift for a breastfeeding or new mother. It could even be a nice baby shower gift for someone who was planning to breastfeed.

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