List of Pilates Exercises in Classical Order

Classical Pilates Mat Exercises Listed in Joseph Pilates' Order

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Below is a list of the classical Pilates mat exercises. The exercises are listed exactly as they are presented in Joseph Pilates book, Return to Life Through Contrology. They are simply listed here for easy printing or copying.

The Pilates Mat Exercises in Classical Order

Roll Up
Roll Over
One Leg Circle
Rolling Back (rolling like a ball)
One Leg Stretch
Double Leg Stretch
Spine Stretch
Rocker with Open Legs
One Leg Kick
Double Leg Kick
Neck Pull
Shoulder Bridge
Spine Twist
Jack Knife
Side Kick
Hip Twist
Leg Pull - Front
Leg Pull
Side Kick Kneeling
Side Bend
Control Balance
Push Up

Get Pilates Exercise Instructions

The instructions for these exercises, along with many more exercises such as modified versions; and exercises with equipment like exercise ballsfitness bands, and the magic circle are also available in the Pilates exercises folder.

You may wish to start with the first 10 Pilates Mat exercises, each shown with a photo and instructions. The rest of the classical mat sequence is also listed and linked to instructions for each exercise. This will guide you through all of the exercises until you are familiar enough with them to execute them from a simple list.

What Is the Classical Order of Pilates Exercises?

Joseph Pilates created this order of exercise to go through a sequence that he believed to be logical and appropriate. It first warms up the body, a principle common for all exercise programs. Then it progresses to more challenging exercises once the body is warmed up and ready for them.

Finally, it progresses into cool down exercises before the end of the session. It also ensures all areas of the body are targeted in every position, first with gravity and body weight and then against it.

A classical Pilates teacher will follow this order of exercises but will pick and choose from the list to match the abilities of the student.

For beginners, the more fundamental exercises will be done in classical order. For more advanced students and those who are ready for a challenge, the intermediate level, and advanced exercises will be chosen.

Enjoy this list and we wish you a great exploration of Pilates and all of the benefits it brings for fitness,

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