Little Kid Activities Your Tween Still Enjoys

Older kids still enjoy little kid fun

Let your tween have fun the old-fashioned way.

Now that you have a tween in the house, you're probably thinking that it's time to give up on playtime, and all the things your child loved to do when he was younger. Think again. Tweens love to revisit their younger years and may still even enjoy many of the activities they did when they were little kids. The next time your tween is looking for something to do, or the next time you have a group of tweens together, consider some of these little kid activities to get them having a great time and remembering all the fun it was to be a little kid.


Little Kid Fun Your Tween May Still Enjoy

Make a Fort: Grab the blankets, a table, some chairs, and any other accessory your tween might need to create the best fort ever. Give you tween some open space so he can add on to his dwelling, and make sure you have plenty of pillows so that the interior is comfortable for all of you. Then, encourage your tween to grab a few books, magazines, his table and make the most of the fort and his creation. 

Blow Bubbles: Even tweens enjoy spending time outdoors, so compile a stock supply of outdoor toys that your child may still enjoy, such as bubble soap, chalk, water pistols, a Frisbee, or anything else your tween used to play with outdoors when he was younger. Then, sit back and watch your older child and his friends enjoy their time outdoors. 

Play Tag: Your growing child may not even need toys to rekindle the fun he had when he was younger. Encourage your tween to grab a few friends for a game of tag, or have them spend a beautiful afternoon outdoors on a scavenger hunt.

Other ideas that require little or no equipment would include a bike ride, a game of hop scotch or jump rope, or even a day exploring the local woods or even his own backyard. 

Finger paint: Finger painting isn't just for preschoolers and now that your child is older he may be able to create a real masterpiece for you or to give to someone else.

Provide your tween with finger paint, Play Duh, or even some watercolor paints to see what he comes up with. Or, consider allowing your older child the opportunity to create a piece of macaroni art that you can hang at home or at work. You might even consider joining in the fun yourself.

Dress Up and Shows: Remember when your child used to dress up and put on shows for the family? Give your tween the chance to do it all again. Drag out the dress up bin and give your child the challenge of creating a variety show for the family or for neighbors and friends. The results will likely be hilarious.

Read Out Loud: Remember when your child was little and you used to read out loud to him, or he would read to you when he began mastering his skills? Share a book once more, taking turns reading aloud to one another. Enjoy your time together, and turn the activity into a new bonding experience for the two of you. Afterward, discuss the book over tea and cookies, or go out for ice cream or another tasty snack.