Live Streaming Fitness Review

Live Fitness Classes From the Comfort of Home

Live Streaming Fitness
Live Streaming Fitness

There's a lot to be said for the online fitness company, Live Streaming Fitness. First, they do exactly what they say: live-stream fitness content to any device, anywhere in the world, almost all day long. Second, they offer cutting-edge classes from certified instructors spanning everything from yoga and dance to strength training and cycling. These classes are available live, according to the weekly schedule, or you can tune in at your leisure to follow classes on-demand.

All-in-all, it's a novel approach to the rapidly growing world of online fitness. That said, there are still kinks to be worked out and ease-of-use features to be addressed.

The Benefits of Streaming Fitness

As someone who has hosted a number of live fitness classes through YouTube and Periscope, I love the concept of streaming fitness content online, particularly when the comment functions are enabled, allowing participants to interact with their trainer before or after class.

The benefit to this design is clear: A rapport develops between student and trainer, trust is built, and the student is able to ask questions about form, purpose, and modifications. While fitness DVDs and online videos have been around for years, this interaction breaks down barriers and makes experts more accessible to everyday consumers.

What Live Streaming Fitness Does Well

Live Streaming Fitness is a highly affordable workout platform costing just $9.90 per month.

The company has done an excellent job of providing customers with access to a wide variety of workouts, both on demand and live streaming. 

  • Cutting-Edge Class Formats. If you have access to a group cycling bike, you can try cycling classes. If you enjoy yoga, you can try your hand at Hip Hop Hatha, Warrior Yoga, or Rock the Mat. If you want to gain strength, you can try a boot camp or strength class. There really is something for everyone.
  • Live Classes on a Reliable Schedule. Live Streaming Fitness' live classes are offered Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, central standard time (CST). This means every 30 to 60 minutes, a new class is starting, so there's almost always a class for you to try when your schedule opens up.
  • On-Demand Classes. Even if you have a weird workout schedule—for instance, you have to exercise on Mondays at 5:30 am, Tuesdays at 9:00 pm and Saturdays at noon, you can always access Live Streaming Fitness' library of workouts on-demand.
  • Quality Audio and Video. The video and audio quality are good, which sets the service apart from many people offering live streaming video content. That said, the audio and video quality aren't as high as you might find on a fitness DVD or through other online fitness services, such as Grokker or Crunch Live.
  • Additional Resources. In addition to fitness videos, Live Streaming Fitness also offers articles on exercise and nutrition, quick tips for bettering overall health, and community features where you can connect and interact with other members.

Where Improvements Could Be Made

While I've enjoyed testing Live Streaming Fitness, it wouldn't be my first choice as an online fitness portal.

At least not yet. Here's why:

  • Instruction Quality. I'm not questioning the knowledge or ability of the Live Streaming Fitness instructors; however, instructing in this format—where the instructor is by his or herself in a room, talking to a camera—is entirely different from instructing a class of live participants. It's really hard to find the right balance of confidence and motivation, and it's tough to figure out how much to talk and when to stay silent. Overall, the Live Streaming Fitness instructors haven't quite hit this balance. Some of them seem uncomfortable, as if they aren't quite sure what to say, while others talk too quietly. And then again, some of them are great. That said, when comparing the instruction to other online services, it's lacking.
  • Searchability. Since I have a tendency to exercise at odd times, I wasn't able to tune into live classes very often. This meant I needed to use the library of videos to find on-demand options. While Live Streaming Fitness has started adding better search functionality, I still found its search to be clunky. For instance, when I clicked "equipment," I assumed I'd be able to select workouts based on the equipment I have, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and jump ropes, but instead, that's where the workouts using large equipment, like treadmills and group cycling bikes were housed. There wasn't a way to easily sort videos by smaller equipment.
  • Workout Details. Before starting an on-demand video, I wanted to be able to read a preview or summary of what the workout would entail, but there wasn't anything available. I know other, similar on-demand services have summaries and reviews of their videos.
  • Clearer Rating System. There are currently two rating systems in place. There's the user rating, based on a five-star system, and there's the "sweat magnitude" rating based on five sweat droplets. When searching for videos on demand, only the five-star system shows up, and all videos have been given five stars. This seems disingenuous, as it appears whoever uploads the video automatically gives it the five-star rating, and few other people are adding their own. Also, the sweat magnitude rating only shows up occasionally—it seems like it should show up with every video along with the workout's details so a person can assess whether it's one worth trying.
  • Live Feedback. One of the reasons I love the concept of streaming fitness classes live is the potential for live feedback between instructor and client. While it's possible to leave comments below the on-demand videos, I couldn't find a way to ask questions during live classes. I wouldn't expect instructors to respond while teaching— that would be overly difficult— but it would be nice if there were a way to engage with the instructor live, either pre- or post-routine.

The Takeaway

While I appreciate the concept of Live Streaming Fitness, and the price is certainly affordable, I think there are still improvements to be made. If those improvements are gradually rolled out, there's absolutely no reason not to sign up and give it a try.

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