Valerie Describes Her Journey as a Liver Disease Survivor

Hasn't Had a Drink in 9 Years

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There Is Life After Alcoholism. © Getty Images

In 2003, we received a story from a reader of the Alcoholism site that described what it was like to be at death's door as a result of developing liver disease due to chronic heavy drinking.

Since it was first published, Valerie's Story has inspired many others who are suffering from liver problems due to drinking. Six years after it was published, and nine years after she was given Last Rites twice, we heard from Valerie again:

An Update from Valerie

Hello Buddy,

I haven't been on your site in a few years now. So glad to see you are still there! I doubt that you will remember me, but I wrote an essay about my downfall and my difficult road back. My name is Valerie.

You were such an inspiration to me, while I was struggling to find my self-esteem and a life. Just thought I'd update you. It's been nine years now since I was dying, and what a journey back!

I've been in college on a part-time basis for almost three years now. I'm studying Administrative Justice and Sociology. I will get my associate degree in a few more semesters and then on to my Bachelor's degree. Look what an inspiration you've been! My GPA is a nice 3.8 and I love college.

Life Is Good

I haven't drank in nine years and life is good. Life still has plenty of ups and downs, just now, I'm able to handle them as they come, instead of drinking them and me into oblivion, only to wake to find they've multiplied.

I just want to say thank you for being there for so many.

I've lost several ol' pals to the dreaded demon of alcohol, and thank God each day for allowing me a second chance. And who nice sobriety could be!


Get Help Now

If you have liver damage due to drinking alcohol or cirrhosis of the liver, seek medical attention immediately. Recovery can happen, but before anything can be done to help, you must stop drinking immediately before more damage is done.

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