Tips To Make Living With Food Allergies Easier

Child reading ingredients
Tips For Living With Food Allergies. Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

If you are the parent of a kid or kids with food allergies, you know that it can seem all-encompassing. Hours and hours are spent on reading ingredients, pre-planning meals, worrying about carrying the right allergy medications, cross contamination, and the list goes on. Sometimes it feels like you don’t ever get a moment to stop and live a little. Maybe it is time to think of some simple ways to live with food allergies a little more peacefully.

Check these ideas out!

Epinephrine Pen Carrier

It isn’t always easy to find a safe and low-key way to carry an epinephrine pen around. Quite often, you need to ask an adult to hold it or it sits in your child's backpack or school bag. Maybe it's time to search for something that might make it easier for you and your kids. There are new products on the market made for just this. Check out the pocket epi-belt, which is stylish enough to be seen but easy enough to conceal under your shirt, available at They have this and other great items for those who have food allergies. 

Clean Surfaces

When you have a child with a food allergy, you can spend the first half of the meal cleaning the surface, to ensure that no cross-contamination will occur. Make it easier on yourself and carry with you Neat Solutions disposable table toppers. While they are meant to make toddler meal time easier, they are perfect for families with kids with food allergies.

Throw them in your bag so at a moments notice you can stick them on the table to avoid cross contamination while dining out. They are especially perfect when dining at a food court or park!

Double Up 

Many food allergen mix-ups occur when we are in a rush or find ourselves short-handed. If the allergen-free cookie jar is empty, your little one may decide to grab any old cookie.

Or in a pinch, you might carelessly misread another package to find a comparable choice when you have no time to spare. It is important to stock up on doubles of some favorite foods. This might mean hiding a box of a store-bought snack or making a double batch of your famous allergen free brownies and keeping them individually wrapped in the freezer.  

Medical ID 

Having a food allergy can be a life-threatening condition. Wearing a medical id bracelet can safeguard your child in the event of a reaction. For kids who may not always be near their parent or a familiar adult, this can be very helpful in the event of a reaction. While at school, camp, a park or anywhere, this would immediately alert others of the food allergy and how to proceed to get the child help. While there are many companies who offer medical alert bracelets, check out This site is geared to safeguarding kids and offers a variety of bracelets indicating the particular food allergy that your child may have.

Smart Phone Apps 

Find Me Gluten Free, Yummly, and Allergy Eats are just a few of the many apps available for smartphone users. By having food allergy related apps on your phone, it can make things like searching for a safe place to eat, researching a new recipe, food shopping, and traveling much less stressful.

You can have the world of living safely with food allergies at your very own fingertips. 

Color Code It 

With younger kids helping themselves in the kitchen or having a grandparent or babysitter over to help out, the kitchen can be an easy source of confusion. To make life easier for everyone involved, color code your Tupperware, containers, pots, dishes, and utensils. Even the youngest of kids can easily identify their red cup, the blue container or the pot with the silver handle. By sticking to a color-coded system at home, there is less chance of confusion as your child's heads to the pantry to grab a snack.

Doing this for pots and dishes as well also eliminates risks for further contamination. You might even consider colored stickers to be placed on food and in pantries as part of this food allergen system as well. ​​

Start today to simplify food allergy living by practicing the tips outlined above!