Locker Tips Every Tween Should Know

Help your tween master the ups and downs of the school locker

One of the advantages of going to middle school is having a school locker for the first time. Your child may have a locker for his school books, supplies and jacket, and another separate locker for his gym clothes and sports gear. While lockers help keep your student organized, they come with certain responsibilities. These locker tips will help your tween decorate and keep his or her locker organized, and make the most out of his middle school storage cabinet. 


These locker tips will help keep your tween organized all year long.
Older siblings and friends can offer up locker tips and ideas on making the most of locker space. Photo: Arryll,

Your child's school may issue a handout on rules and locker tips. It's a good idea to purchase a combination lock before school begins, and encourage your child to practice using it so he can get the hang of it. Help your tween memorize his combination, and if he has to share a locker, decorations should be agreed upon before decorating begins. It's always a good idea for your child to keep his combination private. You might also encourage your tween to figure out an easy way to memorize his combination, so he can remember it easily. 


Locker Tips for Tweens - Choose Fun Accessories

Magnets, pictures and mirrors make great locker accessories, but there are plenty of other ways to decorate a school locker and stay organized at the same time. Don't go too crazy on locker decorations, however, because space is limited. You might want to consider just a few items at first, so that your tween can figure out how he will use his locker, and if he needs to maximize the space he's given. 

Fun Ways to Decorate a School Locker

Lockers help keep your student organized, but they can be fun to decorate, too. Here's how to keep a locker clear of debris, and what to consider when purchasing decorations. Your child can find fun ideas on locker decorating online on websites such as Pinterest. Older siblings or friends may also offer up ideas on how to spruce up a school locker and organize school materials. See if your tween wants to decorate her locker in a theme, or just post a few pictures and a mirror. And if she gets sick of her decor, she can always change it when the semester or grading period ends.

What Locker Decorations Did You Buy?

Did your tween get into decorating her locker? What decorations did she use to spruce up her school locker, and did you find any locker accessories that helped her stay organized?

Keep it Clean

 It's a good idea for your child to keep a small container of quick wipes in his locker for easy cleaning. Baby wipes or clorox wipes are great for easy clean ups. It's also a good idea to encourage your child to sort through his locker once a week to get rid of debris, old papers, old tests, or anything else that might have pushed its way to the bottom or back of the storage unit. Also, towards the end of the school year encourage your tween to begin cleaning out her locker a few weeks before.

A Word of Caution

While lockers are a great way for your child to stay organized, be sure your tween knows that school may conduct locker checks occasionally to make sure students aren't bringing dangerous or prohibited items to school. Violation of such policies can lead to suspension, or worse. Help your tween understand why these rules are in place, and why they are so important to follow.

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