Lollipop Tree as a Baby Shower Decoration

A Decoration You Can Eat!

Lollipop Tree
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A lollipop tree is a really cute idea that is adorable and yet easy to do. You can even give this task to a younger child to let them help make decorations. It is also relatively inexpensive. I think the lollipop tree for a baby shower looks cute, but then also makes something nice to take with a mom as she goes to give birth. Many labor and delivery floors allow suckers, which can help with nasty tastes in your mouth and also give you a bit of pep. Any leftovers can be easily taken home or given to the staff as a cute thanks.

I'm going to tell you how to make this cute decoration with just a few items!

Lollipop Tree Supplies

Lollipop Tree Supplies
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As with any craft project, it's always easier to gather your supplies before you start working. The key to this project is going to be selecting the right size styrofoam ball to fit in whatever base you select. The ball should be slightly wider than the base for maximum visual appeal.

The base can be anything you want it to be. Some examples I found that work include a bowl, a plant pot (which is what is used in this tutorial), a vase, or even a large cup. The ball can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Keep in mind that the larger the ball the heavier the top of your tree will be, meaning you need a sturdy base. The ball should also be large enough to accommodate the lollipop sticks.

What you'll need:

  • styrofoam ball
  • base
  • suckers
  • ribbon or base decoration (optional)

Making the Holes for a Lollipop Tree

How to Make the Holes for Your Lollipop Tree
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To start, simply grab your ball and a sucker. Choose any point on the ball to start. Hold the end of the sucker stick perpendicular to the ball and gently press into the ball. You will need more pressure at first, then ease up, slowly placing the stick inside. Once the hole is made too deep, you have to use that level of depth, because it's not easily fixed. So, be careful not to press too far.

Spacing the Suckers for the Lollipop Tree

Lollipop Tree Pattern Placement
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Once you place one hole in the stryofoam ball, you will quickly add more suckers. You want to eyeball the distance between suckers, not necessarily measure. You want enough space so that the suckers are really close and maybe barely touching, but not jammed together. If you get too close, you will make it hard to remove any of the suckers and potentially make it difficult to finish the tree.

In considering where to put each sucker, also consider the colors you're using. Here, all the suckers are different colors, so I tried to prevent myself from getting clumps of greens all in one area for a different look. You could use suckers that were all the same color. This might be specialty suckers that say, "It's a girl!" Or simply suckers that are all one flavor.

The other thing to note is that the suckers should be offset from one another. Think of putting your first three suckers in a triangular pattern, this sets the tone for the rest of the tree. Just build out from there.

Finish Adding Suckers

Lollipop Tree Finishing Touches
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The hard part is really deciding when you're finished adding suckers. Because the base of the styrofoam ball will go into the vase, pot or cup you've chosen, you will leave it empty. (If you're not using a base and simply have a ball of suckers, just keep going until you've covered the whole ball. The last suckers can either be a very tight fit, or they can be surrounded by a bit more space than others. Just sit that on the bottom to hide it.)

You will notice as you go that this project probably took way more suckers than you thought possible. The Dum Dums are a common brand and size. I'd suggest buying the huge Halloween size bag. It's better to have some left over than not enough. (You can also refill the holes when they are eaten.)

You might also be able to find mini Tootsie pops. These have a distinctly different coloring, a darker shade. This might not be as light-hearted as a baby shower decoration but might work just fine.

Decorating the Base

Lollipop Tree Base Decoration
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Once you're done with the ball, set it aside. You can now focus on the base. I personally prefer something very simple for the base. This let's the craziness of the ball and all it's suckers sink in. I'd say select a simple ribbon that matches the party decor. You can tie a simple ribbon, like I've done here. This is something you can either skip or do way more than I've chosen to do. That is totally your call. But do remember that the ball is heavy, don't overwhelm the base.

When you're done with the base, simply place the ball on top. The weight of the suckers will hold the ball down. You're done! (Safety note: Have people hold the ball down, while removing a sucker.)

I find people don't want to remove suckers off this adorable decoration. Though if they do, you can always position the ball so that you can't tell there is a "bald spot!"

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