Lotus Pose - Padmasana

Lotus Pose - Padmasana
Lotus Pose - Padmasana. © Ann Pizer

Type of pose: Seated

Benefits: Hip opener

This pose is a yoga classic and is one of the most recognized poses, even outside the yoga community. It is an advanced pose, however, and should be approached with caution by novices. Although this pose is often used for meditation, it may not be comfortable for beginners, so use an alternative such as half lotus, hero pose - virasana, or easy pose - sukhasana if necessary.


1. From staff pose – dandasana, bend the right knee and bring the right ankle to the left hip crease with the sole of the right foot facing upwards.

2. Settle the foot into the hip crease.

3. Bend the left knee and cross the left ankle over to the right hip crease with the sole of the left foot facing upwards.

4. Repeat, with the left foot on the bottom and the right foot on top.

Beginners: First attempt half lotus, coming into only one side of the pose at a time.

Advanced: One you are in the pose, plant the palms on the floor on either side of the hips and lift your butt and crossed legs off the floor, coming into tolasana.

You can also come into lotus legs when in shoulderstand or headstand.

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